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Regular and Early Access Diablo 4 Launch Times

Book the time off work, chuck a sickie, and do whatever you need to do. Here are the Diablo 4 Launch Times and it’s a day earlier than expected for some.

Diablo 4 Launch Times

Diablo 4 Launch Times are now out in the wild. The launch of Diablo 4 on the 2nd and 6th of June still feels like a long way off but we do have the times when the game will go live.

Those of you who purchased the Deluxe and Ultimate editions will be able to get into the game a few days early at the following times. Note that the US time is actually the 1 June for Early Access and 5 June for Regular.

Diablo 4 Launch Times

Early Access

  • 6/1 at 4PM US (PST)
  • 6/2 at 12AM in Europe (GMT)
  • 6/2 at 8AM in Asia

Regular Launch

  • 6/5 at 4PM US (PST)
  • 6/6 at 12AM Europe (GMT)
  • 6/6 8AM ASIA

If you are in the EU then it’s not a great time for the gates of hell to open but I’ll assume you will be taking time out from EVERYTHING anyway to start playing. Expect a very long night of slaying no matter which version you pre-ordered.

When the game does go live, we’ll be diving in for as long as possible, there’s a lot to get into the Diablo 4 Wiki still and a lot of the world that needs to be explored for the Interactive Map. Fortunately, we are split between the US and EU so we should be able to cover things around the clock.


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