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BattleNet launcher update could indicate Diablo 4 Beta soon

Diablo 4 beta

Many of you will remember that recently Blizzard added an opt-in to sign-up for the Diablo 4 beta test. Well, it could be coming sooner than most expected.

If you’ve been following Blizzard social channels you’ll have spotted their Hell’s Ink campaign where you can pop along to a selection of Tattoo parlours and get yourself a Diablo themes tattoo. That’s not all though because the tattoo recipients are also being handed out beta passes which indicated something was afoot. It would also seem strange to run a marketing campaign without a good reason to do so. In other words, start getting people talking about the game before it appears for testing.

Diablo 4 beta

Diablo 4 Beta Launcher Changes

On the back of that and in related news, the Battle.Net launcher Catalog file has just seen some update action indicating that it could be getting prepped for a test. Here’s a snip from the file.

“files”: {
“default”: {
“hash”: “40c6f05f9139335b59f3069285acef79”,
“name”: “resources\/fenris\/background_fenris.png”
“fenris#FENRIS_ICON_SVG”: {
“hash”: “16f352a00cabe2e25a87943ea53f29c0”,
“name”: “resources\/fenris\/icon_fenris.svg”
“hash”: “aa61ec9f1c02734cf2421469ff443b4d”,
“name”: “resources\/fenris\/install_background_fenris.jpg”
“fenris#FENRIS_KEY_ART”: {
“hash”: “d6d49ac1dd995f74fc548c65c70c953a”,
“name”: “resources\/fenris\/key_art_fenris.jpg”
“hash”: “2981ab9ee05a501b84d39a3d1c27f6ca”,
“name”: “resources\/fenris\/login_bg_fenris.png”
“fenris#FENRIS_LOGO_V2”: {
“hash”: “cb6347f2a025f6af5cbede616986b3b3”,
“name”: “resources\/fenris\/logo_fenris.png”

As most of you know, Fenris is Blizzard’s codename for Diablo 4.


The game is slated for release in 2023 but due to the scope of the game, the beta test is likely to run longer than most previous Diablo beta tests. WoW beta tests have run for six months, Diablo 3’s ran from September to April.

Blizzard is going to need a decent amount of time to test Diablo 4 and it’s certainly looking like Blizzard could be gearing up for the test earlier than expected. Maybe in September perhaps?

Whatever’s going on, things could be moving faster than most expected and gamers could be getting a taste of the Diablo 4 beta before the holiday season hits.

We’ll be tracking progress on our new Beta Buzz section over on the Diablo 4 wiki.

DataSource: WoWTools.

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