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Diablo 2 Guide: Sorceress Charged Boltress

Guide by: Lindriel -

Diablo 2 Guide: Sorceress Charged BoltressIntroduction

The Chargedboltress is a totally fun character to play and she’s also quite powerful. With 500 dam per bolt, 24 bolts per cast and three casts per second, this gives a potential for 35.000 dam per second – as long as your bolts hit.
That’s one of the main difficulties for this type of sorceress: you need to be rather close to monsters to make sure they really take this damage instead of the bolts just vanishing in the distance.


Strength: only as much as you need for your equipment. Usually 85 should be enough – neither Tal’s armour nor an upgraded Skin needs more than that.

Dexterity: base, 75/60 (for Wizardspike/with Hel) or as much as you need for max-block (or 50% block or whatever number you fancy): I usually don’t hold with blocking for a sorc; a CB-sorc, however, gets closer to monsters than most sorcs, so it can be helpful (but my second boltress survived just fine without it)

Vitality: everything else

Energy: depending on the rest of your gear, ~75. CB doesn’t cost all that much mana and enough mana potions drop, so there’s no need to raise this up endlessly. But if you feel that you run out of mana too much, just add a few points more.


Maxing your CB fully will cost you exactly 60 points (20 CB, 20 Lightning, 20 LM), add in the obligatory points for Static, Thunderstorm, Teleport, Energy Shield, you’ll have used up 67 points alone in the Lightning-tree. Two more skill points for Warmth and Frozen Armour will leave you with ~27 points (I usually calculate with level 85).

So what does this leave you with for a secondary skill from a second element? As CB is a spamming-spell, the skills going best with it are delayed spells: Firewall, Meteor or Hydra from the fire-tree and Frozen Orb or Blizzard from the cold-tree. As you only have 27 skill points to spare for this, I think that Meteor, Hydra and Blizzard are pretty much out. They can be grand skills – if you have the points left to synergize, that is. But without synergies they are rather weak choices. In other words your second choice should be either Firewall or Frozen Orb.

Now you may ask which one is better. Well, simply put, the one that fits better with your playing style: with FO simply spam them more or less alternately till everything is dead; FW may be a bit harder to use as strategic placement of the walls can be hard but just make sure that monsters have to walk through both your FW and your CB to come to you and they’ll be usually dead before they reach you.

Lightning Tree

Charged Bolt (CB): 20 points (what else? )
Lightning (L): 20 points (this is your only synergy, so it needs to be maxed; can be useful against single bosses at times – though I haven’t used it much)
Lightning Mastery (LM): 20 points
Static Field (SF): 1 point (this will be your main-skill from level 6 till maybe level 30 even; and lateron it will greatly help you save time with bosses)
Thunderstorm (TS): 1 point (with maxed LM and +skills this skill is great fun; this is a skill where you might consider spending more points if you get past l. 85 and can spare the points from your secondary attack)
Teleport (TP): 1 point (no question)
Energy Shield (ES): 1 or 0 points (with the absorption coming before resists it’s pretty much useless most of the time – but as all prereqs are already met, it only costs this one point and I like using it at selected times, the Ancients for instant)
Telekinesis (TK), Nova, Chainlightning (CL): 1 point each (they are prereqs)

Now for the two possible builds:

1. Firewall as secondary

Fire tree:

Warmth: 1 point
Firewall (FW): 20 points
Firemastery (FM): 1+ points (at first put only one point here, once your other skills (that is CB, L, LM and FW) are maxed, every other point should go here)
Enchant: 0 or 1 point (if you play mp a lot, you might consider adding a point here. With +skills, while it doesn’t give much in the way of added fire dam, +100% AR is totally sweet. Team members may greatly thank you for it – if there’s no other fire-sorc or enchantress of course. I also like enchanting my merc. I claim it helps against PIs. Also this skill can be a great help till level 30.)
Inferno, Blaze: 1 point (prereqs to FW)
Firebolt, Fireball (FB): 0 or 1 point (prereqs to Enchant) Fireball can also be helpful on the long way till level 30.

Cold tree:

Frozen Armour (FA): 1 point (every bit of defense helps. Don’t forget you are getting rather close to monsters – a lot closer than most sorcs. It will help your defense a bit so you’re less likely to get hit. And should you get hit, monsters will stay frozen for a moment – though the time is very, very short in Hell)

2. Frozen Orb as secondary

(this may be the simpler one of the two – as FO is much easier to use than FW)

Fire tree:

Warmth: 1 point

Cold tree:

Frozen Armour (FA): 1 point
Shiver Armour (SA): 0 or 1 point (as you already have all prereqs, you might as well invest this last point: it’s got a slightly higher defense than FA and so I usually prefer it. The time monsters stay frozen from FA in Hell is so short, the higher defense is worth more to me)
Frozen Orb (FO): 20 points
Coldmastery (CM): 1+ points (getting this skill to ~100% would be helpful though not absolutely necessary; if you get past level 85, invest more points here or maybe in TS)
Icebolt, Frost Nova (FN), Iceblast, Glacial Spike (GS), Blizzard: 1 point (prereqs for FO). At low levels FN may also prove helpful with slowing down monsters (though I’ve never much used it)


What should you look for? Above all, like all Lightning-skills, Charged Bolt lives from Fast Cast! Getting up to 105% FCR (or 65% at the very least) is a must (200% would mean giving up lots of other things like +skills which means a lower dam finally. I’d not advise on it)
Second thing to look for – as always – +skills, and in particular +lit skills of course (+lit dam won’t be that useful as +dam-percentages are working only additively with your mastery instead of multiplicatively like mastery and synergy).
And last but not least: don’t neglect resists! I usually try to max them – and gloams will still hurt. *sigh*

Anything else, +life, +mana, +mf and whatever else you like should be secondary!

I have tried to put up an inclusive list of most things I think would be useful for a Chargedboltress, not just items I’ve used myself. I have added in suggestions from other people and if you want to point something I’ve overlooked out to me, I’ll probably include it as well. I know, however, that I won’t ever be able to list everything. So if something you like using isn’t on the list, by all means use it if it works for you. I might not have thought about it or I might not have found it useful myself – but your style of playing may differ just that tiny bit from mine not only to make it work but to make it work well. This is a guide that’s meant to give you a general idea not a set of rules to be followed religiously. 😉

Finishing equipment

I don’t advise on using the TalRasha-set as it gives you less in the way of +skills than you could gain from using uniques. Also while using the set, reaching the 105%-FCR breaking point will be nearly impossible. (Though for mf-runs it does work fine – as long as you accept it will take away some of your killing-speed.)

Weapon: my first choice would be a good Eschuta’s Temper (40% FCR, +3 skills, 20% lit dam, 20% fire dam)
Other choices: Wizardspike (75% res all, 50% FCR)
Oculus (+3 skills, 30% FCR, 20% res all, 50% mf)
Heart of the Oak (+3 skills, 40% FCR, +30-40 res all)
Death’s Fathom (+3 skills, 20% FCR, +15-30% to cold dam, +25-40% lit resi, +25-40% fire res) may also be nice if your secondary attack is cold – though making up for the lower FCR may take some shuffling around other gear
I’d not advise on staves as every bit of defense, even the tiny bit you get from a shield without a high dex, will help. Also shields usually give lots of other nice mods. I won’t dispute that there are nice staves out there, though: Memory (+3 sorc skills, 33% FCR, 50% enhanced defense), Mang Song’s Lesson (+5 skills, 30% FCR, –7-15 to enemy lit, cold, fire res), Chromatic Ire (+3 sorc skills, increase max life, 20-40% res all, 20% FCR), Ondal’s Wisdom (+2-4 skills, 45% FCR, +5% to exp) just to cite a few. I’d not use most of them probably – but just for the sake of “completeness” ;).

Shield: there are a couple of shields of interest, depending on if you want to block or prefer going for +skills and FCR.
If you want to go for max-block, you might like the shield Whitstan’s Guard from the Orphan-set. It’s the shield with the highest and fastest blocking, doesn’t have much else to recommend it, though. :/
If you don’t care about blocking, then the best shield is certainly the Lidless Wall (+1 skills, 20% FCR).
If you have got a problem with resists, you can try Moser’s Blessed Circle with two pdiamonds. Its blocking – though not as good as Whitstan’s – is also quite decent.
If you want +skills and decent blocking, you could try either Sigon’s Guard from the Sigon-set or Viscerataunt. Both shields aren’t completely useless for blocking and give +1 skills.
If you are badly in need of FCR but don’t have Lidless, there’s always Wall of the Eyeless, another shield which is bad for blocking, though.
Then there’s Sanctuary (+50-70 res all, 20% faster block rate, 20% increased chance to block, 20% FHR). Definitely an outstanding shield if you want to block, need the resists and can afford the runes. Thanks for the tip, Asmodeus.
If you play on the realms (or if it should get activated in SP at some time), another nice shield for any sorceress is the newly added runeword Splendor (+1 skills, 10% FCR, 20% faster block rate). Thanks to Zyr for this tip.
And last but not least, there’s of course Stormshield (35% DR, 25% increased chance for blocking, 35% faster block rate, 60% cold res, 25% lit res, high defense; high str-requirement) for those who like damage-reduction.

Armour: the best one certainly is an (upgraded) Skin of the Vipermagi (30% FCR, +1 skills, 20-35% res all).
I tried Ormus’ Robes for a moment but unless you should happen across some with +3 CB, the +1 skills from the Skin will probably do more for your dam output. And the Robes also lack the resists of a Skin.
Another possibiltiy that Bolin pointed out to me (thanks) is Que Hegan’s Wisdom (+1 skills, 20% FCR, 20% FHR). It also has nice defense – but unfortunately it lacks the nice res all from the Skin.
Another armour that might be useful was pointed out by Zyr: Smoke (50% res all, 20% FHR).
Also Enigma (+2 skills, high defense, +1 mf/clvl, +14 life per kill, no resists, though) and Chains of Honor (+2 skills, 65% res all, high defense) may be useful if you can afford the runes. You’ll have to make up the FCR some other way, though.
Same goes for Arkaine’s Valour (+1-2 to skills, 30% FHR, high defense, +0,5 vit/clvl; high str-requirement). Those three armours might work if you really want to go for high defense over fast kills, giving up FCR for defense.
Other choices? Hmm, can’t think of any of the top of the head. Things to look out for are of course FCR, +skills, resists

Headgear: a good choice is – as always – Harlequin Crest (+2 skills, 10% PDR, lots of life and mana)
The perfect one might be a Griffin’s Eye (+1 skills, +25% FCR, -15-20% enemy lit res, +10-15% lit dam) – but I have never tried that one as I don’t have it myself
There are also nice rare circlets out there; things to look for: +skills, resists, FCR, +life, +mana; possibly a magical one with +3 lit skills

Amulet: Mara’s Kaleidoscope (+2 skills, 20-30 % res all)
Tal Rasha’s Adjucation (+2 skills, nice mana and life bonus)
or a good rare/crafted: as always look for +skills, resists, FCR, +life, +mana; or possibly a magical one with +3 lit skills

Rings: Stone of Jordan (+1 skills, +25% max mana)
Bul-Kathos’Wedding Band (+1 skills, +0,5 life/clv – or +2 skills if it is from 1.10a)
Rare rings with nice mods (FCR, resists,… – you know the drill by now ;))

Belt: First choice certainly Arachnid Mesh (+1 skills, +20% FCR)
Other possibilities: crafted caster belt (5-10% FCR, +mana)
Gloomstrap (+mana, +15 vit)

Gloves: Magefist (+1 fire skills, +mana regen)
Frostburn (+40% max mana)

Boots: my favorite boots are Silkweave (30% FRW, +mana, +200 def against missiles)
Other choices include: Tearhaunch (10% res all, 20% FRW)
Natalya’s Soul (40% FRW, cold-lit res)
Waterwalk (+life, 20% FRW, 100 def against missiles)
Crafted/rare boots: mods to look for: FRW, resists

Charms: lightning skillers (as many as you have and can fit in your inventory)
Cold/fire skillers
Charms to make up resists, +life-charms

Switch: Lower resist wand + Moser’s Blessed Circle with 2 pdiamonds

Upgrading and socketing?

Well, I personally tend to socket everything with Ums, pdiamonds and res-all jewels. 😉 If you can make up your resists another way (by using Moser’s or Sanctuary for instance), go for Lightning-Rainbow facets. Bear in mind, though, that they won’t do all that much. They sound great in theory but in practice they don’t do all that much for a sorc with a high LM. The added dam only works additively (!) with your LM, so instead of 300%, it’d then be 305% – not multiplicatively like synergy and mastery. Also it doesn’t lower enemy resists all that much – a lower-resist-wand on the switch does probably more for you. Still, if I had the sockets to spare, I’d use them for lit-facets. Every tiny bit helps after all. 😉

As for upgrading, well, upgrading a Skin is certainly worth it. For the rest I’ve never bothered, seeing as it usually lifts the str-requirements beyond anything that’s reasonable for a sorceress without much gain.

Starting equipment:

I usually twink for the first time after I’m done with the Den of Evil and like using the full Berserker-set coupled with the Hsarus-set till around level 15. Then I usually switch to full Angelic-set, Tarnhelm, Manald-Heal with the remaining slots filled with items from the Sigon-set. This gives +3 skills at a very early level! With this gear you can usually make it till ~30 when you can finally switch to normal sorc-gear.
Another possibility is of course Baneash, Inferno’s Skull, Greyform,… and all the other low-level uniques.

Medium-level gear:

When the sorc starts approaching level 30, that’s when you can finally put on normal sorc-gear. Here’s just a listing of things I normally use: At level 24 you can put on a rare +1-orb, at level 25 Spectral Shard (50% FCR, 10% res all – 51 dex required!) at level 33 Suicide Branch (+1 skills, 50% FCR, 10% res all).
If your secondary skill is FW, you might also want to consider Leaf. In later levels it can still be useful on the switch (though I favour the lower-res wand). Thanks to Zyr from the AB for this tip.
You need level 28 for Peasant Crown (+1 skills, 20 nrg, 20 vit, 15% FRW), Lore (+1 skills, +2 mana per kill, 30% lit-res) can be equipped at level 27.
You can equip Wall of the Eyeless (20% FCR) at level 20 and Viscerataunt (+1 skills, decent blocking) or Whitstan’s Guard (best blocking) at level 29.
For SoJs you need level 29 as well.
Skin of the Vipermagi needs level 29 as well. A very useful armour for low-level can also be Stealth (30% poison res, 15% regenerate mana, 25% FRW, 25% FCR, 25% FHR) which can be equipped at level 17 already. (Again thanks to Zyr.)
At level 27 you can wear rare/magical +1 ammy.
Natalya-boots (40% FRW, cold-lit-res) can be equipped at level 25, Silkweave at level 36.
Gloomstrap needs level 36 as well, a crafted caster-belt might work earlier. Nightsmoke needs level 20.
Magefist needs level 23, Frostburns level 29.
Those items will then pretty much hold you till you can finally equip your finishing gear. Swap out things as you reach the appropriate level – but try to keep your FCR at least to 65%, better 105%.



The first stat I raise is usually strength, so I can wear a decent armour as soon as possible. Depending on the gear I aim for, I usually don’t raise anything else before it’s 50, maybe even 65 if I want to use the Sigon-shield to get +skills early.
After that, it mainly depends on the gear I aim for – and if I want to block or not. If I need dex for blocking or some equipment, I place a few level’s worth here.
Then a few points into energy. At the beginning you’ll keep running out of mana a lot, so keep in mind that you won’t need more than 50-75 here ever!
And only then I go for vitality – but from then on more than half will go here. (If you do not twink right from the beginning as I do, you’ll probably have to raise vit a lot earlier! But with decent gear you won’t need much life early.)


I usually place a point into each skill I want/need (be it because I intend to use the skill, be it only as prereq) as soon as the skill is available. Every other skillpoint should go into CB. By level 30 your skills should look like this: one point in each skill you use (up to and including LM and FO+CM/FM) with everything else in CB. By now your CB also should be dealing enough dam that you can kill quickly with it even on p8. Your first priority should be to max CB, then L and LM. But don’t neglect your secondary attack completely – or you’ll have trouble when you reach Hell. My advice is to place roughly every fifth point into your secondary attack, more if you feel you really need it.

Low-level playing:

I usually don’t use CB much at very low levels, preferring to static things and meleeing them to death of waiting for my merc to finish them off. At later levels CB will be crushing, on p8 at low levels meleeing is usually faster for me. (But it can of course kill from the moment you first place a point there.)


There are two possibilities with Act 2 mercs and then there are the barbarians from Act 5: Act 2 Normal Defensive merc with Defiance or Act 2 Nightmare Defensive merc (Holy Freeze). Both are helpful. The Defiance one adds to your and his defense, the HF-one freezes and slows monsters down. For those who only want a tank and don’t care about auras there’s also the Act 5 mercs. They usually make better tanks as they are less fragile. They lack the nice auras, however, and I myself have never used them.

For quick levelling of your mercs, simply use Static Field and leave all kills to the merc. He gains exp much faster from his own kills.
I’ve found that Arcane Sanctuary makes a good place for levelling of mercs. AS has no LIs (other than those lightning-spires). With teleport it’s not that annoying anyway. Or killing Pindle plus all the skeletons in front of his door over and over – once he’s good enough to take the charges.

Take care when playing mp at low levels: your merc only can gain exp from his kills or yours, never from other party members’, so he’ll often lag behind more and more. It’s not as much a problem at higher levels when you need lots of exp to reach the next level yourself anyway.


I usually have CB set on my left mouse-key, with my secondary attack on the right one. Use the shift-key to hold yourself in place, so you don’t run up any closer than you want to by accident; make one attack with your secondary (delayed) skill, then hold down your left mouse-key for a few seconds to let loose veritable salves of CBs. One quick cast of your delayed spell, and back to spamming CB. (Rinse and repeat as often as needed. )

Other than that there are two general ways I used to kill monsters:

1. Either run up close to them and strike them fully with your CB – unless they are LI, they usually die quick but you might take more hits that way. The best way to use this tactic is to stand right behind your merc – who usually doesn’t position himself like this voluntarily of course. (Sometimes I think mercs prefer hiding and only running into fights when they can safely suicide with IM…) Sometimes it may be safer to teleport into place, that way you can make sure to have your merc in place perfectly and it’s also safer as you won’t get hit that easily than when running up. I don’t teleport all that much, though, preferring to run and taking the hits, as I’m too slow when I need to switch between TP and my secondary attack all the time.
Against bosses, however, I like teleporting up directly in front to them to static away, then I’d take two or three steps back. Usually that way the merc should be in melee with the boss and thus should stop it from following (though minions may be another matter). The moment I’m in the perfect place, I start casting CB.

Running up to monsters with CB on your left mouse-key does take some kill. You can’t ever run up directly to monsters or you’ll just cast your spell. You’ll have to learn some kind of sidewise twist: click on a point to the left or right of the monsters and then once you’re nearly there, without letting go of your mouse, drag it over to right in front of them, thus swerving over to them in a neat little arc.

2. Or make them come to you through your bolts and firewalls/orbs. If you use FW, try to make the walls appear in the direction the monsters have to walk to reach you, so they’ll stay inside as long as possible.
This strategy obviously won’t work with archers and other ranged attackers as they don’t like to walk up to you. Bear in mind that ranged attackers will in general be harder to take out.

Further tips:

When aiming CB at a mob of monsters, rather aim for the middle one. The bolts flow out from you in a conical shape, thus aiming for the middle one should make sure that most of your bolts hit at least some monsters.

If you want to make sure you don’t move any further towards monsters, don’t forget to hold shift down.

One other thing to bear in mind (though it’s pretty obvious anyway): try never to have monsters in your back. CB only lets you aim in one direction (other than nova for instance) and thus any monsters behind you won’t ever get damaged. They’re only in the perfect place to get you killed.

It can also be fun to let loose a salve of bolts and then run alongside them. They only vanish when they travel a certain range beyond where you loosed them, so those bolts will stay with you for a few moments and thus can “attack” monsters that you hadn’t even seen when you originally let loose the salve.

Times when it may be better to switch to your synergy, Lightning, or maybe even to Chainlightning, instead: when you are fighting a single boss, Lightning may work better at times because unless you stand very, very close, the single unique boss may not get hit by very many lightning-bolts and thus it would be a slow kill with CB. It’s not that bad with Act-bosses as they are rather large and thus take lots of hits anyway.
One place where CB is nearly useless is the Maggot Lair with its narrow tunnels. If you aim well, Lightning can work wonders there – as monsters need to align themselves nicely. It’s a pity, though, that those beetles are LI in Hell…
As for CL, well, there may be times when you have to deal with more than one monster but don’t want to get close for some reason (be it because they are FE, Lister, etc.) but can’t do much with your secondary attack. In that case, CL can help a lot. Even if you never placed more than one point there, with +skills, maxed LM and two synergies for it maxed, it’s a skill to be reckoned with.

Tips with FO as secondary skill

FO works better when monsters are farther off. Killing a monster standing straight in front of you with FO will take time. So don’t walk up right in front of the LIs.

Another tip, thanks to Jiansonz from the SPF: you can also use the one point in GS to freeze LI-monsters so that your merc can dissect them in peace. This also works on other monsters (as long as they are not CI) that keep running from you, in particular archers and the like. By holding them in place with GS you can work wonders on them with your CB.
For CIs that run away, your FO won’t be much use anyway, so just keep TP on your right mouse-key and the moment they are too far away to get hurt much by your CB, tp after them. (This works of course just as well with FIs if FW is your secondary attack.)

Tips for using FW

The most basic rule is tank support. It’s up to your merc or other tanks if you play mp to keep the monsters still for the firewalls.

Then there’s using it to shoot round corners. A T junction like in the Throne of Destruction is ideal. The monsters die without getting a target lock on you.

You can also try off-screen attacks, using Firewalls cast in the very top corner to hit monsters off-screen. This is a bit blind but can often be useful

Getting sophisticated there are a number of variations on the idea of casting a firewall then using Teleport to lure monsters into walking along it.

Finally, as I already said above, it’s best to cast FWs not horizontally but vertically – so monsters have to walk through the whole of it when they want to come at you instead of just passing through. To do that, you need to turn 90 degrees, move one step back and then cast directly in front of you – before moving back and standing in your own firewall. This needs a bit of practice, though. A good place to practive aiming firewall is the arcane sanctuary, since it is all about 90 degree angles and it has nice tiles conveniently on the ground to help you line up your walls.

Tips for dodging Gloams

Don’t stand in the middle of the room but rather hug the walls, run out – and in particular if your secondary attack is FO, spam your secondary attack and then run back to your wall; with FW it’s a bit harder as you need to aim them at the monsters but it’s doable: you just need to run out far enough to see one Gloam, hit him with a FW and run back. Don’t ever keep standing in one place too long, though. Always move around. Zig-zag between the left and the right wall. And as usual, rinse and repeat.

So, what about the Ancients?

Should you use Lightning or Chainlightning there as well? I say no, it works better with CB. Here’s one of the few times where I still use energy shield. Having an empty blue ball is better than having an empty red ball after all. Spread around full rejuvs on the ground so you can pick them up when your belt gets empty and make sure all your passive spells (ES, TS, FA/SA and maybe enchant on your merc) are active and won’t expire for a while before you touch the altar.

If you dare (and if your static field has a really large area so you don’t need to snuggle up to those nice Ancients), you can use it a few times. You can also use your lower-resist-wand (if you have one) for a quick wave to speed up the fight a bit. Other than that, well, keep CB on your left mouse-key and TP on the right one. Hide behind your merc and simply spam your CB. Should one of the Ancients get too close, teleport at once. If you are lucky, your merc may hold them in place. If you are not, you’ll have to tp a lot. Keep spamming CB (and TPing) till at least one of them is dead, two is better (but one or two usually will spawn LI, so you’ll never take out all of them with this tactic). Then switch to your secondary skill. With FO, you can just keep using the same tactics.

With FW, I usually just skip teleporting and trust in the 30% FRW from my Silkweave. If you only have one or two to avoid, that works – in particularly if you weave in and out between those nice pillars lining the “arena”. If you are very unlucky, you’ll get one that’s double-immune to just your two skills. Get rid of the other two first and let your merc engage that last one. Whip out your wand of lower-resist and with a bit of luck, you can get rid of one of the two immunities. Else, just keep your merc supplied with potions and wait for him to hack the guy to pieces.

Can I use this char for mf-runs?

Hmm, yes and no. It depends on what exactly you expect from an mf-char. If it’s 600+ mf and soloing WSK on p8, then the answer is definitely no. This char will never be able to do that.

But if you don’t mind balancing out your killing-speed with the amount of mf, then a Chargedboltress can work as mf-char even in 1.10. You could get to ~300 mf (425 on switch) while still retaining the ability to kill for instance with the following set-up:
Wizardspike (res-all-jewel), Lidless Wall (Um), Harlequin Crest (ptopaz), Skullder’s Ire (ptopaz), Arachnid Mesh, +2 ammy (be it Mara’s, Tal’s, rare), War Traveller, 2 SoJs, Gheed’s, lit-skillers, res/life/mf-charms (whatever); Gull+Rhyme on switch. This still allows you to keep your 105% FCR-breakpoint, should bring you up to pretty much much-resists – while allowing for some mf.

By giving up the 105% breakpoint and making do with 65%, you can of course also make it work with the Tal’s set. Etc.
Whatever you do, however, don’t ever neglect FCR and resists. Having no FCR will cut more into your killing-speed than having no +skills, and as for resists, well, no way will you be able to survive in WSK Hell 1.10 without decent resists.
But mind one thing: with killing-gear a Chargedboltress can solo all of Hell and most of it at least on p4. I even managed to dodge Gloams successfully on p4; in mf-gear, however, your killing-speed will be seriously reduced.

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