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Unique Rings Notes

Unique jewelry can be gambled in Diablo II. Different unique rings were added in various patches.

Ring graphics are randomly selected, and do not tie to any particular ring. There are lots more ring graphics found on the game CD, and it’s unknown why Blizzard never enabled more of them, or gave any of the unique rings unique artwork.

Unique Ring Odds

These apply to v1.10+. Prior to v1.07 in D2C, the three unique rings dropped in a set order. See below for more details.

Unique RingsQlvlRarity
Manald Heal2015
Stone of Jordan391
Dwarft Star5310
Raven Frost5310
Bul Kathos’ Wedding Band661
Carrion Wind683
Nature’s Peace773
Wisp Projector841
  • The “Rarity” odds assume that the monster dropping the ring is capable of dropping every unique ring in the game. Hence, if a monster able to drop the Wisp Projector unique ring, there is a 1/59 chance it will be the Wisp Projector.
  • If the monster’s Mlvl isn’t high enough to drop some of the rings, the rarity odds change accordingly. For example, an Mlvl 40 monster could only drop the first three rings, so it would have a 15/31 chance to drop Naglering, 15/31 to drop Manald Heal, and 1/31 to drop the Stone of Jordan, vs. the 1/59 chance that a unique ring from an Mlvl 84+ monster will be an SoJ. This is why it’s best to hunt for some items (such as the Stone of Jordan) on lower area levels.

Unique Rings

Rings found in D2C and D2X.

ImageNamePropertiesSpecial Properties
Diablo 2 Ring 2

Nagelring *

D2C Rarity: 483.9/1000
D2X Rarity: 283/1000
Item level: 10
Clvl req: 7
Magical Damage Taken Reduced by 3
Attacker Takes Damage Of 3
+50-75 to Attack Rating
+15-30% Better Chance Of Getting Magic Items
Diablo 2 Ring 4

Manald Heal *

D2C Rarity: 483.9/1000
D2X Rarity: 283/1000
Item level: 20
Clvl req: 15
+4-7% Mana Stolen Per Hit
Replenish Life +5-8
+20 to Life
+20% Mana Regeneration Rate
Diablo 2 Ring 1

Stone of Jordan

D2C Rarity: 32.3/1000
D2X Rarity: 18.9/1000
Item level: 39
Clvl req: 29
+20 Mana
+25% Maximum Mana
Adds 1-12 Lightning Damage
+1 to All Skills


ImageNamePropertiesSpecial Properties
Diablo 2 Ring 2

Dwarf Star *

Rarity: 188.7/1000
Item level: 53
Clvl req: 45
+100% Extra Gold From Monsters
+40 to Maximum Stamina
Heal Stamina Plus 15%
+40 to Life
Magical Damage Taken Reduced by 12-15
15% Fire Absorb
Diablo 2 Ring 4

Raven Frost *

Rarity: 188.7/1000
Item level: 53
Clvl req: 45
Adds 15-45 Cold Damage, 4 seconds cold length
Cannot be Frozen
20% Cold Absorb
+15-20 to Dexterity
+150-250 to Attack Rating
+40 to Mana
Diablo 2 Ring 1

Bul-Kathos’ Wedding Band *

Rarity: 18.9/1000
Item level: 66
Clvl req: 58
+0.5 Life per Clvl
+1 to All Skills
+3-5% Life Stolen Per Hit
+50 Stamina
Diablo 2 Ring 4

The Constricting Ring

Not Enabled. **

Rarity: 18.9/1000
Item level: 95
Clvl req: 95
All Resistances +100
+15% Maximum Resistance To All
-30 Life Drain (-2.93 life/sec)
+100% Better chance of getting magical item


ImageNamePropertiesSpecial Properties
Diablo 2 Ring 1

Carrion Wind

Item level: 68
Clvl req: 60
+100-160 Defense vs. Missiles
6-9% Life stolen per hit
Poison Resist +55%
10% Chance to cast level 10 Poison Nova when struck
Level 21 Poison Creeper (15 Charges)
8% Chance to cast level 13 Twister on striking
+10% of damage taken goes to mana
Diablo 2 Ring 5

Nature’s Peace

Ladder Only
Item level: 77
Clvl req: 69
Prevent Monster Heal
Slain Monsters Rest in Peace [can’t be resurrected/raised/exploded] Damage Reduced by 7-11
Poison Resist +20-30%
Level 5 Oak Sage (27 Charges)
Diablo 2 Ring 4

Wisp Projector

Item level: 84
Clvl req: 76
Lightning Absorb 10-20%
10% Chance to cast level 16 Lightning on striking
10-20% Better Chance of Getting Magic Items
Level 2 Oak Sage (15 Charges)
Level 5 Heart of Wolverine (13 Charges)
Level 7 Spirit of Barbs (11 Charges)

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