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Seasonal Aspects and Malignant Hearts Clarification

JourneySeasonal Journey Rewards

There has been a great deal of speculation regarding the Chapter Rewards for Season 1 following the most recent Developer Livestream on July 6th. In particular, fans have been wondering about the new Legendary Aspects that were announced during the stream. The image to the right shows the rewards for Chapter 1, which include five Legendary Aspects. This led some people to believe that every class could potentially earn seven Aspects each.

However, Diablo Global Community Development Director Adam Fletcher responded on Twitter earlier today to clarify that the Season will offer a total of seven new Aspets, one for each class and two universal Aspects.

So, what then do we make of the Season Journey reward image above. It could mean that the the chapter rewards will include some of the currently available Aspects in addition to the new Seasonal ones, which would then serve to help expidite the process of collecting them. It could also simply mean that the majority of the new Seasonal Aspects will be rewarded roster-wide upon completing Chapter 1 with your first Seasonal Character. We were told there will be another Developer Update coming sometime prior to the Seasonal Patch on July 18th. Hopefully even more details about the new Legedary Aspects will be shared in the near future.

Malignant Hearts

F082vleWIAAuQtIThe Developers also shared a good deal of information during their livestream about Maglignant Hearts, which are a new Seasonal Legendary item that can be socketed into jewelry. The image to the left was shared recently on the Playdiablo Instagram page and provides a little more information about the color coding. The Vicious, Devious, and Brutal Hearts represent three different categories of Legendary powers associated with these items. The colors of these Hearts will likely correspond directly to the similiarly colored infested sockets that players will find on jewely items during the Season. The Wrathful Hearts may represent a fourth category of Legendary powers and will probably be universally accepted by any colored infested sockets.

If you have any additional details or information about these items then please share with the PureDiablo community in the Comments section below.

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