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Rod Ferguson Discovers Disturbing Diablo IV Art

We now have some more confirmation from Rod Ferguson, who recently joined Blizzard and the Diablo IV team, that there are some truly disturbing images of what’s to come.

Rod Ferguson, who was previously the Gears of War head, joined Blizzard this month to oversee the Diablo franchise. This past week he’s been settling into his new life at Blizzard and the team has obviously been filling him in on the work that’s been done so far.

Fans of the franchise who were concerned about this new game not taking the darker route of the first two Diablo games will be pleased to hear that Rob has uncovered some disturbing imagery.

[BLUE]I got access to the #Diablo4 art archive today and OMG there is some very beautiful, yet disturbing, images in there. Very cool. So much talent on this team! #excited #alsonightmarefuel Any possible picture attachment has been redacted.[/BLUE]

No pictures to share as yet, but with Rob now finding his feet and getting to grips with the new game, this is an encouraging comment. We want disturning right?

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