Gears of War studio head leaves to join Diablo IV team

Some big news for the Diablo community has surfaced. Rod Ferguson who has worked on the Gears of War franchise since its inception fifteen years ago and was the current studio head is now heading to Blizzard to look after the Diablo franchise.

The news comes via Tweets from Ferguson announcing his departure and his joining Blizzard which will start in March.

“Starting in March, I will join Blizzard to oversee the Diablo franchise. Leaving is bittersweet as I love our Gears family, the fans, and everyone at The Coalition and Xbox. Thank you, it has been an honor and a privilege to work with you all.”

Ferguson had worked on every Gears of War game so this is a huge decision to move on from Gears developer The Coalition which he joined in 2015 when Microsoft took over the franchise. Freguson was previously also at Epic which he joined in 2000 before Microsoft took over the franchise. How his past experience in the world of shooters will translate to Diablo remains to be seen but it’s something to keep a close eye on in the months ahead.

Could this signal more changes with the game? Will features that have been announced already be improved or even face the chop? Interesting times ahead and we welcome Rod to the Diablo family and his experience should be a real asset to Blizzard as they continue to work on Diablo IV.

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