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Rod Fergusson on the Diablo 4 PTR, Microtransactions and more

Rod shares his experiences working on Diablo in this second part of the interview.

Rod Fergusson on the Diablo 4 PTR, Microtransaction and more

As promised, the team at Windows Central has posted the second part of their interview with Rod Fergusson.

In this interview sequel, Rod talks about the PTR, microtransactions, working on Diabo 4, and more. Here’s a snip as a primer where Rob talks about rewarding moments.

“In fact, launching 3 Diablo games in 3 years was just part of why I wanted to come to Blizzard and be able to have that level of impact, and be able to see this resurgence of the Diablo franchise again. We have 10 years between the Diablo 2 and Diablo 3 and 10 years between Diablo 3 and Diablo 4, so these beats are very slow. And so to have 3 years in a row where we’ve had a new Diablo game or a new way to play it is just really exciting. That’s been really rewarding to see Diablo come back and start firing on all cylinders again. And now that we’re with this live service and seeing all these players and being able to iterate on the game and keeping them engaged, as we get ready for the expansion later in the year, that’s very gratifying to be part of one of your favorite franchises. To be able to bring it to players, it’s just it’s really exciting.”

For the rest, head over to Windows Central.

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