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Missing hardcore Lilith Statue names to be added

It wasn’t easy getting on that Hardcore Lilith Statue and missing names did not go unnoticed.

Missing hardcore Lilith Statue names to be added

Some daring hardcore players that raced to get their name on that hardcore Lilith Statue were aggrieved to see their names left off the finalised list of names.

Posts have been appearing this week from players who completed statue challenge to get their names on it but noticed their names were missing from Blizzard’s list. There have been all sorts of theories as to why names were missing such names being too long or even inappropriate. None of the theories appear to have merit according to Blizzard who have put it down to an oversight.

This evening Blizzard has had the good sense to make sure the names are added to the statue and a new list is now being compiled with missing names. Well done to Blizzard for sorting this out because this was not an easy challenge so early after release.

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