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Loot filters coming. Resistance fixes next season

A couple of things that come up time and time again as an issue are going to be sorted.

Loot Filters

Catching up a bit this weekend as it was my birthday a couple of days ago and we’re also working on a load of changes in the backend. Anyway, some news from Xwitter, or whatever it’s called now. Loot filters and resistances are the topic.

An update from Rod Fergusson indicates that Loot Filters are indeed coming to Diablo 4 and they are caught in the backlog of things that need doing.

The other point to note from Xwitter is elemental resistances and sorting those out. That is a Season 2.

It’s been a tough week for the game as criticism continues to flood the Internet on all channels. It’s hard to believe that it was just over a month ago everyone was screaming that Diablo IV was GOTY. Well, if you did that then you have not been playing it enough to realise there are quite a few areas that need looking at to make this a Diablo game that’s going to thrive for years to come,

I will say we have been here before and it will all get fixed, but you will need to be patient and stick with it. Whether you are playing every day, diving in periodically, or put the game down for now, it’s better just to keep a close eye on what the dev team is doing to fix it than post about how you are going to be uninstalling the game. Nobody wants to hear that, what they do want to hear is constructive criticism to make sure the dev team does shift in the right direction.

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