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Eternal to Seasonal Character exploit mostly fixed

A particularly nasty exploit has been doing the rounds.


I’ve not posted about this exploit until now because it’s mostly been fixed now but this was a serious bug that allowed players to trade gold, items, and even Malignant hearts between the Seaonal and Eternal Realms.

This was eventually pointed out to Blizzard and it’s mainly been fixed. In addition, as of 23 hours ago, this post appeared highlighting the issue of being able to slot Hearts in the Eternal Realm. They could then be all brought back into the Seasonal realm. Here’s a snip from the post from a Korean player who was trying to highlight the issue to Blizzard.

Recently, on a Korean online forum, I came across a post mentioning the possibility of transferring items between the standard server and the seasonal server. At first, I thought it was a joke, but the method was very detailed, and eventually, a few users who followed the method actually succeeded in transferring their items, standard to seasonal and vice-versa.

What’s even worse, one of the players successfully uses this bug, allowing a seasonal character and a standard character to group together. They managed to activate the sigils held by the standard character, enabling him to play alongside a friend’s seasonal character. Astonishingly, they even obtained the Heart of Malignant during dungeon.(I found it is the dungeon “Blind borrows” and it is a sigil only exist in standard as I know.) He tested the Heart of Malignant with standard character, and he posted it could be geared in every items which has slot in them.

You can read the full Reddit post on this below.

Serious bugs are detected
by u/StarChaserJin in diablo4

The video below highlights the original problem as Zach and a few other players tested it with Blizzard to get this fixed as fast as possible.

A note on Exploits

A quick note on this particular issue and exploits. In general, we won’t post exploits or notifications that they exist in the news here on PureDiablo. Many moons ago, on our old site, we actually got a call from Blizzard asking us to remove all stories that highlighted any bugs or exploits. They particularly don’t like the phrase “exploit” being used in news stories about their games. At the time we were simply trying to highlight problems to make sure they were aware of them and often they were already aware of the issues but had not got around to fixing them. We decided that it was in the best interest of the reader to be made aware of the exploits and kept the stories live because back then social media was not really a thing. After all, if people don’t know why something is happening, that in itself causes problems.

The upshot is, Blizzard was not happy about “exploits” being highlighted in any form. It seems the team may be a little more relaxed about the issue now, but either way, we won’t push exploits while they are still active in most cases. However, stories of bugs and exploits travel faster these days thanks to social media and sites like Reddit, and the fact that Blizzard now has less control over editorial output on third-party sites such as PureDiablo. Despite that, we don’t think it’s a great idea to be posting about serious bugs like the ones above until they are fixed,  it doesn’t help anyone pushing them out into the wild with the dev team not being aware they exist.

The good news is that the dev team has hopped on this reasonably quickly and normal service can resume, assuming some other loophole has not been found.

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