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Diablo Immortal China release delayed due to “optimisations”

Diablo Immortal

Netease has announced that the Diablo Immortal China release has been delayed just days before launch.

Official word on the delay cites issues with the game they want to resolve prior to launch including further optimisation and game-play improvements.

There had been comments circulating that the delay was due to complaints about the monetisation model but this was pure speculation. The game has already been approved by the Chinese regulators.

In related news, the official Diablo social account on Weibo was banned from further posting due a recent post by staff which included a comment to the effect of “Why has the pooh not stepped down yet”. This is of course in reference to President Xi and strictly forbidden in China.

Around the same time, the posts on social platforms announcing the Chinese release date vanished. It appears these events were coincidental and nothing more than that.

It looks like potential players China are going to have to hang on until these latest “issues” have been resolved. Netease will be keen to get the game out, their shares slid 9% on Monday.

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