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Blizzard on Diablo 4 World Tiers

The week kicks off with another segment from the IGN interviews and in this latest video, Rod Fergusson and Joe Shely discuss World Tiers.

So what are World Tiers? Effectively these are the difficulty levels of Diablo 4 that players will progress through. Details of these have been datamined already from the game for the end-game beta. These could of course change at launch,

Tier 1 is effectively Adventure Mode where players can simply enjoy the story and not worry too much. In Tier 2 the enemies are more challenging. The higher tiers start dropping better items, monsters will be tougher, resistances reduced and more.

The interview does mention the level 100 boss players should be aiming to take down but you’ll need to make through the tiers to get there.

Watch the Diablo 4 World Tiers interview

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