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A Cure for Crowd Control

Diablo 4 players finally have a cure from Crowd Control deaths.

Crowd Control

Getting killed while crowd controlled or stunned has always been the most frustrating and disappoinint way to die in Diablo 4. In the Season 5 PTR Campfire Chat we learned that, starting in Season 5, characters will be able to consume Health Potions in such situations. Conversely, the cooldown for Invulnerability will be modified to prevent such skills from being active infinitely.

  • Invulnerability Skills now begin their cooldown when the Invulnerability ends rather than when the skill is activated.
  • This will lengthen the skill cooldown interval to prevent infinite invulnerability from happening.
  • The duration of enemy crowd control duration and frequency has been reduced.
  • Players will be able to use potions while crowd controlled or stunned.


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