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Ladder Boss Dunegon Resets

Summoning Pylons will automatically reset after defeating Ladder Bosses.


Do you get burned out having to repeatedly reset dungeons and then run to the boss room over and over when farming the likes of Uber Duriel.  Well fair Wanderer, relief for all that monotony shall arrive soon. In the Season 5 PTR Campfire Chat, the Devs revealed that starting with Season 5, the summoning pylon will automatically respawn in the boss room after the boss is defeated. This will be true for all Ladder Bosses, which should speed things up tremendously, especially when in a party rotation. Huzzah!


  • The Summoning Pylon in Ladder Boss dungeons will automatically reset after killing the Boss without having to leave the dungeon.
  • This means that there will be no further need to have to repeatedly leave the dungeon, reset all dungeons, and then travel again to the Boss room when farming Ladder Bosses.
  • All Rare items will be removed from Ladder Boss loot drops and will be replaced with more Gold.
  • The sell value of all Ladder Boss summoning materials will be increased so players can get more Gold for any unwanted materials.


QOL 005

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