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Xbox podcast with Rod Fergusson on Diablo 4

xbox podcast

The latest edition of the Xbox Podcast is now available, including an interview with Rod Fergusson.

The podcast catches up with Rob following the recent Necromancer announcement. Rod talks more about much of what was revealed in the latest development update and discusses their approach to Diablo 4.

Rod talks about full cross-play no matter what platform as well as cross-progression. He also touches on the end-game and how there will be an end-game in place as soon as players complete the main story, something they have not really done before in previous games.

Nightmare Dungeons where players will work their way through, Whispers which are a bounty system from the Tree of Whispers, and of course world PvP.  All these systems are part of what players can look forward to in the end-game. Players can expect support for years to come.

Rod reiterated that you can still tackle the game solo if you want to despite seeing other players in the world.

The Necromancer is also briefly discussed where Rod explains how players can tailor their necromancer with the Book of the Dead special ability.

Check out the full video over on Youtube.

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