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Topics for the upcoming Diablo 4 dev streams

Here’s what’s on the agenda for the next two dev streams starting on 4 October.

Topics for the upcoming Diablo 4 dev streams

With the two planned Diablo 4 dev streams now finalised for dates, the first being tomorrow and the next on the 10th, we have been given an idea of the contents.

Diablo 4 dev streams contents

On Wednesday 4 October topics of discussion are going to include:

  • In-depth discussion on all the details for Season of Blood
  • Walkthrough on an extensive list of changes and improvements coming to Diablo 4
  • Q&A
  • More…

A Season preview blog will also be posted after the dev stream concludes. Also note, there will be some endgame discussion in this dev stream.

On 10 October expect the following:

  • Class updates
  • Deep dive on damage bucket changes (Vulnerable/Crit/Overpower)
  • Resistance changes
  • A discussion about uniques
  • Q&A

Patch notes will follow the dev stream on 10 October.

With the endgame being the main gripe at the moment we have to assume that is going to be tackled as part of the Q&A, uniques, and QOL. I still get the feeling that based on what’s on the agenda, fans are going to be left wanting. That said, to get the game where fans expect to be is going to take some time and it’s going to likely be a slow process.

You can read Gazerrick’s latest Diablo 4 Season 2 wishlist and see if it’s what you’re hoping for.

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