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Shely and Fergusson Diablo 4 interview – Returning to Darkness

A short Diablo 4 interview has popped up on Youtube with Joe Shely and Rod Fergusson in which they discuss the “darkness” of Diablo 4.

Rainbows are out and darkness is in. That’s the message Blizzard wants players to hear loud and clear when it comes to Diablo 4. This three-minute interview touches on that theme.

Fergusson states, “if you look at the evolution of the franchise with Diablo 1,2, and 3, it became a little more mainstream with Diablo 3 being probably the most mainstream”. He added, “Originally with the Diablo games, that maturity is now mainstream, it’s not like that forbidden thing you have to play and not let your parent know you’re playing it”.

He does have a point citing TV shows such as the Walking Dead and Sons of Anarchy as now mainstream viewing. Yes, we have embraced the darkness in all types of media.

This segment below looks like it’s part of a longer interview that may appear at some point.

Watch the Diablo 4 Interview

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