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Diablo 4 interview – Open beta next year

Diablo 4 interview

As expected, IGN has released another Diablo 4 interview video with Jor Shely and Rod Fergusson.

In this next part, Tod and Jor discuss the approach to testing and the plans for the live service game of Diablo 4. There’s also a lot of soup talk at the start.

This was recorded prior to the end-game but one of the takeaways from this is that there’s not going to be an open beta in 2022 unless those plans have recently changed. There’s no mention of another closed beta period for other game systems.

This video focuses on the testing but they stress that when the game releases it’s really the start of the live service and things will be incrementally added as they go.

Seasons will be ways to “change up the gameplay in meaningful ways and having exciting new things to check out”. It sounds like Season will be used as a way to experiment with new ideas that could be made permanent. Work on Season 1 has already been started according to Rod.

Watch the Diablo 4 interview


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