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Patch 2.4 Released and bonuses to come?

Patch 2.4 Released and bonuses to come?

Patch 2.4Released on Live!

I am super excited.  Not only did this patch actually not get delayed, but it fixed this really annoying rune word bug in single player that made anything moved from PTR to live that was not enabled go poof.  Nice, I can finally play my Fire druid on live!


After reading over the patch 2.4 notes only a couple of changes popped out to me.  Aura ping damage scaling was finally done how they wanted and can be adjusted, if need be, prior to ladder.  Blade Fury got the proper update of 10% per level instead of a flat 10% like on the last PTR as I was waiting for this change too as my Blade Fury sin refuses to use Angelic ring/amulet as she is no angel.

Other patch issues stem from Rune words and it is hard to see if they are enabled or not only as a test prior to the patch.  More info will be needed.

But let us get down to the bomb that was dropped.


I don’t even know what to think.  The XP thing I get.  I really do on  It makes sense especially during the end of the season when participation wanes.  They could just adjust how experience is earned above level 95 by changing it a smidge as that smidge could easily equate to 10-15 less hours since we have to deal with loading times now.  But let’s go through some quick scenarios:

  • Unique and/or set drop rate increased:  This could be done a multitude of ways. So, we will just assume monsters can have X% chance increased to drop unique/set.
    • If it is just an overall increased chance as the number to hit is less to force the drop the game will remain the same overall with some flood.  If for instance it is a static 100% MF buff to all characters:  Socketables will go up in price as you will find less of those.
  • Rune drop rate increased:  They already have done this before and I could foresee them doing this again as well.
  • Damage buff:  They could buff damage in a global modifier kind of way.  Not seeing the point in doing one of these in D2 compared to D3.
  • Experience buff: Couple ways to do this.
    • This could be as simple as enabling /p8 on live servers or allowing /pX like they did in 1.09.
    • It could also be changing the amount earned at a higher level like stated above, which would be the most logical way I would think.
  • Events:  They could spawn a new enemy that have special drop tables (Say a TC87 or High Rune drop only) or special unique such as a new charm or item that is only droppable from them.
  • Hunt style event:  These X enemies have improved drop rate/special event drop table, go at them!
  • Unknown event.  No idea here personally.

Final 2.4 released patch thoughts and overview

We have covered patch 2.4 previously with class overviews: Here, here, and here.  The update brings a lot of exciting changes to all classes and many are happy that we finally get some real change to the game that hasn’t had this significant of an adjustment since 1.09 to 1.10.  Let us hope that these continue for some time.  Will you spend the next two weeks getting ready for ladder?  Or are you going to relax from D2R until ladder?  I know I’m going to do some tournament characters for sure and hop on ladder once it launches.  You could also pick up a copy of Elden Ring (see ) in the two-week gap to fill the void, and if you do, make sure you check out our sister site I’m on the fence myself about the game, but will once it goes on sale, I just don’t play enough games to warrant the full cost since I play too many trading card games in person.

Until next time I leave you with a cool side-by-shot comparison I pulled off Facebook showing Strafe and the nice damage increase!  Enjoy your Amazon goodness!

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