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Final 2022 Diablo Podcast/Vidcast with special guest

Diablo podcast vidcast

This week will be the final Diablo Podcast / Vidcast of 2022. Awwwwwwww!

To see the year out HCXanth will be joined by the ever-present Neinball, Mugglemama, and a special guest Brandy Camel (Nevalistis).

Most of you will know Brandy for her work on the Diablo community team, specifically with Diablo 3. It will be interesting to hear her insights and stories from her time at Blizzard before she departed in March 2020.

Since we re-launched the Podcast / Vidcast four months ago, we’ve been finding our feet after a very long break. The show has been shaping up well with some great guests each week so many thanks to everyone who has been part of the guest panels this year.

We look forward to seeing the viewership grow, and while we are still experimenting with the show, thanks to everyone who has stuck with it. We’ve had a few technical glitches but fingers crossed, those have been sorted out once and for all.

Episode 13 will be available this week with recording taking place on Wednesday so stay tuned! Also, don’t forget to check out last week’s which was a corker discussing Diablo 4 and hands-on impressions.

If you’ve enjoyed the previous episodes, please drop us a sub over on our Youtube channel, your support makes a big difference and helps us continue to make the show.

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