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Blizzard in talks with potential partners in China

Blizzard in talks with potential partners in China

Back in November, Blizzard announced they were suspending services in China with Netease. Today there has been some movement on this but only for World of Warcarft so far.

Blizzard China posted to Weibo on Tuesday, saying that it is in talks with new publishing partners to continue the game’s service in China. The post on Weibo came from Blizzard’s John Hight, the general manager of World of Warcraft addressing their Chinese fans.

While this is good news for World of Warcraft, it doesn’t address other Blizzard games as these talks appear to have been specifically focused on WoW.

This means that Diablo 3 players are still waiting to find out what happens with the Diablo 3 service which is set to go offline on 23 January 2023. It was thought that a last-minute possible agreement could be reached with Netease prior to this deadline but that is looking even more unlikely now Blizzard is in discussions with new partners for WoW.

Chinese WoW players will be allowed to save their progress and other user data offline before 23 January and that data can be restored once a new publisher is in place.

We have to assume something could happen for other titles once new publishers have been found for the other games which include Hearthstone, Warcraft III: Reforged, Overwatch, the StarCraft series, Diablo III, and Heroes of the Storm. That said, there was no mention of their other titles whatsoever in the statement from Blizzard.

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