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April Dev Stream Analysis – Diablo Podcast / Vidcast Ep27

This week the team discuss and analyse the Aptil developer stream tackling everything from PvP to dungeons.

Diablo Podcast

We are back with a new Diablo podcast / vidcast to end the working week. We thought it would be an ideal time to pop one out on the back of yesterday’s developer stream.

This week HCXanth is joined by N3rdwards, and new to the podcast, Gayardos from our Spanish partner site DiabloNext. The team go over everything that was revealed in yesterday’s stream highlighting everything from dungeons to Paragon Boards. What systems will work? What will not? The team discusses it all.

Watch the Diablo Vidcast

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Running Order

00:00:00 – Introduction
00:03:50 – The new beta weekend
00:13:15 – Dungeons
00:16:30 – PvP
00:32:07 – Helltide
00:37:00 – Sigils
00:46:50 – Glyphs
00:57:50 – Unique items
01:04:40 – The feedback changes
01:13:10 – Altars of Lilith
01:26:45 – Criticism and wrapping up.

Listen to the Show

Also available on iTunes or Spotify

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