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Diablo IV Patch v1.1.3 preview today – Patch next week

Watch out for more notes later today.

Diablo IV Patch v1.1.3 preview todayWe can expect some more updates from Blizzard today with a preview of the upcoming Diablo IV Patch v1.1.3 .

In the past week, there’s been a lot of negativity from some of the community with regard to the current state of the game. The v1.1.1 patch has at least addressed some of the issues and it looks like things are moving full steam ahead to sort out more of the issues quickly.

In an update from Adam late last night, he points out there will be notes today for Diablo IV Patch v1.1.3 which looks like tackling more bugs that may have not made the cut in the last patch.

Since the Season began, the devs have come in for a lot of flack over the current state of the game, some warranted, some not. There’s a lot to love about Diablo IV but there’s also a load of issues with the actual end-game that will need to be worked out and that includes the itemisation.

If you are old enough to remember the backlash over itemisation in Diablo 3 and it took quite a while and a change of personnel to get those issues resolved. Remember how big a deal Loot 2.0 was at the time?

There’s no doubt Diablo IV was probably pushed out a little too early and there could be an argument now for a PTR to avoid a lot of the bugs we saw at the launch of Season 1. I have to assume this is being looked at ahead of Season 3 at least.

Be patient, the team will get there, just not quite as fast as some players may like. We’ll post the notes as soon as they land later today.

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