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Players left off the Hardcore1000 statue for a reason

Blizzard is watching. Always watching what you do in Diablo games.

Players left off the Hardcore 1000 statue for a reason

It’s been a few days since the finalised list of 1000 players’ that will be carved into the Lilith statue was released. However, some folk did still not make it on, and for a reason.

In response to a post on the official boards asking why a name was left off, Blizzard’s Adam Fletcher added:

Our updated list is correct. Yes, you were left off intentionally.

Your account was disciplined and actioned on in another Diablo title thus disqualifying you per our contest rules.

Ouch! Not a good look when you get shamed due to your previous behaviour. Blizzard is always watching so behave and things like this won’t happen no matter which Diablo or Blizzard game you are playing.

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