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Diablo 4 Release Date to be announced at Game Awards?

The Game Awards which take place every December and could have a little surprise this year. A leaked document may give us an indication that the Diablo 4 release date will be announced on 8 December.

A document that appears to be some internal marketing strategy notes that Diablo 4 will have some sort of pre-purchase announcement at this year’s awards. An announcement such as this usually comes with a release date.

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The document has been doing the rounds on social media although the source has not been verified.

Documents such as these are important when planning launches internally and there’s a good chance, based on what we know so far about Diablo 4, that this is a legitimate leak.

The Game Awards is the final big event of the year for the game industry and it’s a great way to reach a wide audience before the break. With Diablo 4 testing well underway internally, we suspect there will be a lengthy closed beta period of testing over the holiday period and into the new year.

We’ll have to wait and see what transpires, but if this leak is to be believed, then the Game Awards might be worth watching this year.

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