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Diablo Podcast – Episode 2 – Diablo Lore Explored

The Diablo Podcast Episode 2

Welcome back to the second Diablo Podcast episode.

This week HCXanth sits down with Neinball and Holyknight to discuss everything Diablo lore related. Many of you may have delved into the lore but some may not have delved in quite as deep as others.

The podcast kicks off with a tribute to Travis Day who recently passed away. This podcast takes you right through the lore from the series as well as recommended reading material should you want to explore the lore further. We also look ahead to Diablo 4 and what the new game might mean for the Diablo lore timeline and the characters from the series.

Even if you’re not into the lore, this is an insightful episode of the podcast that’s really worth a listen.

You can grab the audio version but it’s also available as a vidcast on Youtube with extra visuals and stuff (subscribe to the Youtube channel to be notified of new episodes).

The podcast is also available on iTunes, Spotify and other podcast outlets of note.

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Listen to the Diablo Podcast

Watch the Diablo Podcast

Running Order

  • Start – Tribute to Travis Day(00:00)
  • Introduction to Diablo Lore (07:08)
  • What to read to get into the Diablo lore (19:06)
  • Immortal lore filling the gap (35:21)
  • Diablo lore Missteps (47:18)
  • Diablo lore Retcons (55:31)
  • Where do Nephalim fit into Diablo 4? (1:05:54)
  • Who will return in Diablo 4? (1:18:20)
  • Hopes for future Diablo lore (1:22:30)

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