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Diablo 4 Endgame Interviews

The devs sit down and chat with a few gaming outlets to discuss the endgame.


Paragon Boards


As we race towards the Diablo 4 release on 6 June, the Blizzard PR machine cranks into action with a few interviews.

The interviews this week have been mainly focusing on the endgame ahead of the next developer chat and the recently released endgame video. Much of what has been covered in these interviews had already been covered in the news here and recent developer discussions so there’s nothing new to learn but they are worth reading for a recap.

Topics include Season Pass, paragon boards, the skill system, Renown, and other bits and pieces.

Note there is also an interview in GameInformer which we posted about but that’s not online as yet.

Endgame Interviews

We’ll hopefully get more in-depth details (if there are any to be had) during the next developer chat which is scheduled for 20 April.

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