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Diablo was originally not in Diablo 3

Imagine a Diablo 3 without Diablo. It might have happened according to Jay Wilson.

Diablo 3

In our latest discussion with Jay Wilson on the upcoming Diablo Podcast / Vidcast, Jay talked more about his time working on Diablo 3 and numerous other topics.

There’s been a lot of debate as to whether Diablo himself will appear in Diablo 4 now that Lilith is the main antagonist. In the discussion with Jay, we also touched on whether Inarius or Lilith were ever considered for characters in Diablo 3. Jay did say that Lilith did come up as a “cool character we would talk about”.

No Diablo in Diablo 3?

According to Jay, the original plan for Diablo 3 was for Diablo not to appear in the game. Jay added:

“When I came on to the project, the plan was that Diablo wouldn’t be in it, and I was like, hmmm, no, my first Diablo game is not going to be Diablo-less. So, I focused a lot on that and I loved Adria so that’s one of the reasons we brought her back.”

All these years later, can you imagine Diablo 3 without Diablo? It also makes you think about the direction the story could have gone if Diablo had been left out of the game.

You can listen and watch the full chat with Jay on Friday when the next Diablo Podcast / Vidcast comes out.

Update: The Podcast and Vidcast are now available for viewing/listening.

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