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Diablo Podcast / Vidcast – Jay Wilson Talks Diablo Dev and new Studio

Jay Wilson makes his second appearance on the Diablo Podcast/Vidcast to talk about Diablo 3, Diablo 4, and his new game studio.

Jay Wilson Diablo Podcast

This week we’ve coaxed Jay Wilson back to the Diablo Podcast / Vidcast where he once again joins HCXanth and Neinball.

In this episode, Jay discusses his new game studio Gas Giant Games which is working on a new ARPG. The crew also touch on Diablo 3 topics with Jay as well as Diablo 4. Jay shares some more insight into the Diablo development process and lets us know what he thinks of all the changes to Diablo 3 since he left Blizzard.

Watch the Diablo Vidcast

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Running Order

00:00:00 – Introduction and Jay’s new game studio.
00:10:25 – Jay talks core pillars, founding principles, and a new IP.
00:19:13 – How did the partnership form between Jay and Julian Love/
00:24:00 – Dates for the new game?
00:26:32 – Will the new game be iterated on with new content after release?
00:30:20 – We had Diablo 3 “colorgate” but what’s Diablo 4’s controversy? What controversy do you choose?
00:38:56 – What can the Diablo 4 team change now or fix before release? What would be possible?
00:44:04 – What is the team working on right up to release?
00:50:40 – What do you think of the Diablo 3 changes now you are playing it again?
00:55:20 – How excited are you for Diablo 4?
00:58:01 – Was there ever talk about adding Inarius or Lilith to Diablo 3?
01:05:40 = What lessons can you take from Diablo 3 and apply to Gas Giant?

Listen to the Show

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