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Diablo 4 Developer Chat Recap – 10 May

Find out about the Diablo 4 Battle Pass, Seasons, and this weekend’s Server Slam.

Diablo 4 Developer Chat Recap - 10 May

It’s time for another Diablo 4 Developer Chat Recap! The latest developer chat has concluded and focused mainly on the Battle Pass and Seasons followed by the usual Q&A.

If you don’t have the time to sit through it all, here’s a recap of what was discussed and there’s also a page up on Blizzard’s site.

Changes in the Server Slam

Dungeon changes as discussed previously are in for this weekend
Class balance changes have been applied.
Drop rates are more reflective of the real game, unlike the previous beta.
Server Slam will be more challenging with fewer Legendaries and a cap of 20.


  • Four seasons a year each with their own theme.
  • There are seasonal questlines. They don’t involve the main campaign story or are tied to it.
  • Quest lines will be a standalone story in the open world.
  • They will introduce new characters and voice lines.
  • Season 1 questline will be talked about after launch.
  • Fresh Gameplay – New mechanics – “new powers to earn”, features added will be retired a the end of the season but may be added to the core game depending on how they are received.
  • Long-term Progression. The Season Journey which involve objectives seperarted by chapters,
  • Players done have to complete every chapter before progressing to the next. You can go back to other chapyers. This differs from Diablo 3.
  • Rewards at the end of each objective and chapters. Aspects can be earned thorugh the Seasons as well as crafting materials and items
  • The Spects will be different from those found in dungeons.
  • Favour can be earned for the Battle Pass.

Battle Pass.

  • You progress the Battle Pass by earning Favour – Favour is earned by the Season Journey and leveling up playing any seasonal character
  • There are 3 levels in the free track, the premium track is 10 USD and the accelerated track but includes 20 tier skips and a special cosmetic. That costs around 25 USD.
  • Smoldering Ashes unlock Seasonal Blessings which are buffs that accelerate your progress in the season.
  • The Free track has 27 total tiers and you get Smouldering Ashes which are used to unlock Seasonal Blessings.
  • Seasonal Blessing is different buffs that help accelerate your progress through the Season. Example: Plus 3% per XP earned. These help players through the Seasonal progression.
  • There’s a secondary level requirement on every free tier of the Battle Pass that contains Smouldering Ashes.
  • There are no Smouldering Ashes in the Premium. You can’t pay for power in Diablo 4.
  • The Premium Track 63 reward tiers plus the 30 from the free track equalling 90. Included are 2 full armor sets, the seasonal mount, mount armor, and other cosmetics such as roleplaying clothing. Everything is themed to the Season.
  • Players will have 120 days to do all 90 tiers which is achievable.
  • If you decide to play the campaign during the season and opt not to skip it, you will have to play the campaign before the Season content is available for you.
  • Once you get a mount in the campaign you will have it available forever, even when starting a level 1 character.
  • Feedback will be taken into account and updates to the game will be made as it’s a live service game. It will be carefully iterated on.
  • Big changes may take longer and not appear in the next season as they can take time.
  • The shop offers diversity in the fantasy to develop the character you want it to be with customisation.
  • Gear will look like they are from specific zones so you can style your character to look like they have come from a specific zone.
  • All shop and in-game gear can be dyed.
  • New seasons will bring new unique items that will be staying after the Season completes.
  • Aspirational challenges such as new bosses, new dungeons, new major encounters, and more are all part of the game’s progression through seasons.
  • Leaderboards will not appear in Season 1 and Season 2 but they will appear in the future and they are working towards it.


When will Season 1 launch?

Mid to late July. A reduced scope shop will be availabe in the pre-season.

Will purchasing the Battle Pass late have the Favour recto-actively applied?


What level will you get a mount?

Around level 30.

Are Altars moving each season?

No. But they have discussed it and it may be adjusted.

Are Seasonal cosmetics account bound?

Yes.And usable forever.

Do Ashes transfer between Seasons?


So you need to have the Premium Battle Pass for the blessings?

No, they are on the Free track.

Is every Season to level 100?

It’s up to players to choose what goals they go after but 100 is the max.

Will shop items stay in the shop or will there be limited cosmetics?

The shop is personalised with limited shelf space but they will swap out periodically,. some new things will be added then removed then come back. The shop will keep track of what sort of things you will be interested in.

Do you lose all Season progress when a HC character dies?

The things you complete in a Season Journey are all account bound, so you won’t lose that progress. The things you collect on your charater will be lost.

When you skip the campaign what level do you start at?

Level 1. You also start in Kyovishad and not the cave but it might not always be in Kyovishad.

Will there be unlockable mounts or cosmetics through completing gameplay challenges or only through the shop?

Yes, some things will be acquired through particular challenges. Like achievement-level rewards.

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