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Diablo 4 Server Slam – Here’s what you need to know

Are you ready for the Slam? Here’s some tips and other bits of info you need to know.

Diablo 4 Server Slam

The Diablo 4 Server Slam event kicks off later today and if you’re diving into the game for the first time there are a few things that you may want to know.

First, get the client if you have not already done so via this link on Blizzard’s site. It’s a big download so get that going right now.

Start Time

The server slamming will begin on May 12, 12PM – May 14, 12PM. PDT.

Diablo 4 Server Slam Features

  • Unlike the previous Betas, the max level is only 20.
  • Legendary drop rates have been reduced so they are now like the final release. In the previous beta tests the drop rate was higher.
  • Dungeon changes as discussed previously in the deve chats are in for this weekend so backtracking should be reduced in some dungeons.
  • Class balance changes have been applied.
  • Old beta characters are not being carried over so everyone is starting over.

Ashava Times & Details

The main boss in the Slam is once again Ashava but she will be tougher as the max level is now 20 and not 24. This makes it even more important to group with higher-level characters to take her down.

Ashava will start appearing on May 13 starting at 9AM PDT and every 3 hours thereafter until the final spawn on May 14 at 9AM. PDT. Take note of this because you will have limited chances depending on what you are doing in the game.

Ashava Mount
Cry of Ashava Mount Trophy

The Glorious Rewards

As well as that puppy in the backpack for reaching level 20, there is now an additional; reward, the Cry of Ashava Mount Trophy which you can apply when you get into the retail version and get your mount around level 30.

The other rewards are two titles, the initial Casualty Title which is earned by reaching Kyovashad with one character (not exactly hard), and the Early Voyager Title which is earned by reaching Level 20 on one character.

Some Tips

If you are planning on playing more than one character, you can complete the main questline by around level 15 or 16 if you push. This should give you enough time to get a few chars in no problem over the weekend. Once you find the one you like keep levelling it to take on Ashava at 20.

Don’t get too distracted by events, they pop up everywhere when you are adventuring and you don’t really need to seek them out. Just do them when you see them.

Do not be afraid to respec, at such low levels, the cost is not much and it gives you a chance to experiment with the skills. Also, don’t get bogged down with trying to get an optimal build, time is limited so just have fun. There’s plenty of time for build research when retail arrives next month.

For strongholds, while you can solo them, they are tough. I would recommend at least tackle them with two players or more.

The menus can be a bit confusing so make sure you explore everything, especially if you are playing a character such as the Barbarian or Rogue where specializations come into play.

If you want to know where things are in the world, use the Diablo 4 Interactive Map, it may help you speed up your progress if you are trying to get a few classes tested.


The best thing you can do is just enjoy your time in the game if you have not tried it. Don’t worry too much about how you are playing, just experiment. It’s not long now until release and if you are on the fence about whether to get the game or not, this is a good taster even at low levels. Have fun in the Diablo 4 Server Slam!

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