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Diablo 4 Classes and Choices

IGN’s interview series continues with another new video featuring Joe Shely and Rod Fergusson. In this video, they discuss the Diablo 4 classes and choices, including mechanics by adding “depth without complexity” using the Necromancer and Sorcerer as examples.

Th second segment looks at the evolution of the skills trees during development and how they want to increase depth with the Paragon system when it becomes available to players.

Rod says he “feels the richness of progression found in Diablo 2 is in Diablo 4” and the skill system has been designed to be easy to understand allowing players to theorycraft their own builds without being overwhelmed.

They also discuss the “skill tag” system where players can use a search box to find skills that are directly related to other skills to help players with the builds.

The next section discusses respecing. Players can respec point by point and it will cost gold which increases over time as your character becomes more developed. A full respec can be done with the “Respec All” button at the bottom of the skill trees. Rod does say that at a certain level it will be so expensive you may as well just reroll a new version of the class.

Unlike Diablo 3, the goal is to make a player’s build feel “inherent to their character”. In other words, not a load of gear switching.

Watch the Diablo 4 classes and choices discussion

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