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Mephisto is a Demon, a SuperUnique, and an Act Boss.

Mephisto is the act boss of Act Three, and must be defeated to complete The Guardian quest and to move on to Act Four. He is brother to Diablo and Baal, is the first of the three Prime Evils a player encounters in Diablo II, and appears in the game as a skeletal, floating, legless apparition. Mephisto battles at melee range, but also possesses a wide variety of powerful enchantments, mixing lightning with poison and cold damage.


Mephisto was the first Prime Evil to be captured, and his Soulstone was put into the hands of the local priesthood, the Zakarum, for safekeeping. They kept it under a Zakarum temple in what would eventually become Kurast. In the meantime, the Horadrim pursued and eventually captured all three of the Prime Evils.

Eventually, however, Mephisto managed to overcome the powers of the Soulstone that imprisoned him enough to influence and corrupt the Zakarum. The demon then had the priests work spells to shatter the Soulstone into seven shards, breaking the mystic seal and freeing the Lord of Hatred.

Monster Run

Despite these advantages, Mephisto soon became the most popular "monster run" in the game, since he is quickly reached from the Durance of Hate, level 2 waypoint, and since he drops very tasty items. Item running "Meph" was made more difficult in v1.10, when Durance level 2 was greatly enlarged and the layout was randomized, but dedicated item runners still make Meph the backbone of much of the mid-level Diablo II economy. Hell Mephisto can not drop the highest level items, but he's a great source of all exceptional items, and most of the low-to-mid level elites.

A popular way for ranged attackers to defeat Mephisto is to use the blood moat against him. Lure him to the edge of it, then move back into the open area at the start of the level so Meph remains just at the edge of the screen. He will pace around in a small area, able to see you but unable to get any closer, and slowly succumb to arrows, bolts, spells, thrown weapons, or other such attacks.

  • Stats are displayed by difficult level: Normal / Nightmare / Hell.


  • The TC/Rune drops listed are the highest Treasure Class/Rune Group a normal monster of that type can drop.
    • Champions and Bosses can sometimes drop from the next higher TC.
    • The max TC/Rune possible depends on which level a monster spawns in, and can vary slightly from the listed values (monsters that spawn in later levels can drop higher level items). See the item calculators to ascertain precisely what a monster from a given area can drop.
Name Level Experience Hit Points Speed Max TC/Rune
Mephisto 26 / 59 / 87 10718 / 240,504 / 1,148,886
6036 / 74547 / 94320
8 33/Sol, 54/Um, 78/Cham


Mephisto's stats are all preset. He does not get any random Monster Modifiers.

Name Melee Melee AR Increased Attack Speed Increased Casting Speed
Mephisto Physical:50-75 / 78-107 / 156-215 665 / 2304 / 6968 -- / +15% / +30% -- / +15% / +30%


Mephisto possesses a variety of magical attacks he uses to supplement his physical melee strikes.

  • His lightning bolt can hit multiple targets in a row.
  • His Iceball deals physical and cold damage, and chills for several seconds as well.
Name Lightning Charged Bolt Poison Cloud Iceball Frost Nova Blizzard
Mephisto Lightning dmg:
Lightning dmg:
1-90 (8 bolts)
1-130 (11 bolts)
1-194 (15 bolts)
Poison Damage:
66 over 16.8s (3.9/sec)
103 over 19.2s (5.4/sec)
164 over 22.4s (7.3/sec)
44-48 + 84-98 (7s)
68-72 + 138-158 (10s)
108-112 + 234-270 (14s)
Cold dmg:
40-60 (8s)
100-120 (14s)
180-200 (22s)
Cold (4s duration):



After v1.10, Mephisto can not be leached for life or mana on Nightmare or Hell. Characters will need to bring along sufficient potions to stay alive and keep their mana flowing, on those difficulties.

  • Like the other act bosses, Mephisto does not regenerates hit points.
  • Drain Effectiveness tells what % of a character's mana and life steal apply to that monster. 100 is all, 0 is none.
  • Chill Effectiveness tells what % of a character's cold length applies to the monster. 100 is all, 0 is no freeze/chill at all.
Name Defense Blocking Regen Rate Drain Effectiveness Chill Effectiveness


183 / 1286 / 2697
20% / 40% / 50% --
100 / 0 / 0
25 / 15 / 10


  • Resistances over 99% are listed as immunities and monsters will take no damage from that type of attack.
  • Immunities can be "broken" by skills that lower resistance, if the value drops below 99%. See the Resistances page for more details.
Name Physical Fire Cold Lightning Poison Magic


0% / 0% / 20%
33% / 50% / 75%
25% / 25% / 75%
33% / 50% / 75%
50% / 50% / 75%
0% / 0% / 50%


All SuperUniques (except for Uber Diablo) are found in roughly the same location every game, on all three difficulty levels. (Except for the Uber Monsters who are only found on Hell Difficulty.)

Name Location
Mephisto Act 3: Durance of Hate, level 3.


My brothers have escaped you.
You're too late, ha ha ha ha ha ha.