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Hell in Diablo II can mean one of the following:

Game Difficulty: Hell

When starting your first character in Diablo II, you will automatically have a character starting on 'Normal' difficulty setting. This difficulty setting dictates monster hit points, damage, immunities etc. It's mathematically impossible for a starting character to survive in any other difficulty setting than Normal (if it was possible to do that). When a character kills Diablo, he can then continue to the Nightmare difficulty, playing the game again. When Diablo is vanquished on Nightmare setting, a last testament on Hell difficulty can start.

Things like the Pandemonium Event or killing Uber Diablo can only be done in Hell difficulty.

Location: Hell

The Burning Hells is the birthplace of demons like Diablo, Mephisto or Baal. They are in conflict with the High Heavens, where Angels like Tyrael rule.

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