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Uber Baal

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Uber Baal is found in Uber Tristram, the final area of the multi-stage Pandemonium Event. Uber Baal is substantially more powerful than the Baal you face at the end of Act Five. The uber version has much higher hit points, damage, resistances, and more. He also regenerates hit points at twice the usual rate. He does not possess any new spells, unlike the other uber monsters.

Uber Baal may cast the following spells:

  • Chilling Armor. Just like the Sorceress spell.
  • Teleport. Just when you least expect it.
  • Defense Curse. This spell will lower your defense by 95%.
  • Blood Mana. Only used on characters who have more mana than hit points, this dreaded skill causes the afflicted to lose hit points with every spell they cast.
  • Incineration Nova. A nova of fireballs.
  • Hoarfrost. The icy wedge spell chills, damages, and can knock back characters.
  • Mana Rift. This yellow flamethrower-like spell instantly drains 50% or more of a character's mana.
  • Destructive Strike. Baal's melee attack, it can be boosted by 120-200% Fire damage, or 120-160% cold damage.
  • Festering Appendage. Baal causes tentacles to erupt through the ground, lashing at any nearby targets. These can actually be quite handy to leach life or mana from, since they are full of hit points and much easier to hit than Baal himself.
  • Vile Effigy. Baal can duplicate himself. The double possesses only half of Baal's hit points at the time of the spell, so will appear to lose health very quickly from its health bar.


Statistics Defenses
  • Level: 110
  • Experience: 10,336,000
  • Hit Points: 650,000-660,000
  • Offense:
    • Melee Attack #1: 429-494
      • Attack Rating: 16,330
    • Melee Attack #2: 214-312
      • Attack Rating: 16,330
  • Defense: 3,150
  • to Block: 55%
  • Resistances:
    • to Physical: 50%
    • to Magic:75%
    • to Fire:75%
    • to Cold: 110%
    • to Lightning: 75%
    • to Poison: 75%
  • Immunities: Cold
  • Drain Effectiveness: 20
  • Chill Effectiveness: 15