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Griswold is Undead.

Griswold is found in Tristram, appropriately enough. He is not a quest monster and need not be killed, though he's usually popped off by players while they're in Tristram to rescue Cain.

Griswold was the NPC blacksmith in Diablo I, and his hearty, "What kin I do fer ya?" greeting, delivered (by Bill Roper) in a hearty brogue, was one of the trademarks of the first game. Griswold doesn't have a speaking role in Diablo II, but his appearance as a monster, corrupted and twisted into an undead demon by the destruction that engulfed Tristram following the conclusion of Diablo I, is a nice bit of plot continuity.

Griswold is slow of foot, but can take a lot of damage and hits quite hard, especially when characters are handicapped by the Amplify Damage his Cursed state inflicts.

Griswold can not be stunned or knocked back by anything other than the Sanctuary Aura.

  • All values are listed by difficulty level: Normal / Nightmare / Hell.


Name Level Experience Hit Points Speed Max TC/Rune
Griswold 8 / 42 / 87 191 / 8583 / 136,052 103 / 3812 / 36887 3 12/-, 66/Vex, 66/Vex


Griswold is always Cursed. He gains 1 random modifier on Nightmare and 2 on Hell.

Name Melee Attack Attack Rating
Griswold 3-9 / 17-52 / 49-147 60 / 846 / 3484


Like all SuperUniques, Griswold does not regenerate hit points.

  • Regen Rate tells what % of a monster's hit points are recovered per second. Standard is 1.2/sec.
  • Blocking tells what % of successful, blockable attacks will not damage the monster. Monsters need not carry a shield to block.
  • Drain Effectiveness tells what % of a character's mana and life steal apply to that monster. 100 is all, 0 is none.
  • Chill Effectiveness tells what % of a character's cold length applies to the monster. 100 is all, 0 is no freeze/chill at all.
Name Defense Blocking Regen Rate Drain Effectiveness Chill Effectiveness


25 / 451 / 1307
-- --
100 / 85 / 66
50 / 40 / 33


  • Resistances over 99% are listed as immunities and monsters will take no damage from that type of attack.
  • Immunities can be "broken" by skills that lower resistance, if the value drops below 99%. See the Resistances page for more details.
Name Physical Fire Cold Lightning Poison Magic


0% / 0% / 50% 0% / 0% / 0% 0% / 0% / 0% 0% / 0% / 50% 50% / 50% / 120% 0% / 0% / 0%


All SuperUniques (except for Uber Diablo) are found in roughly the same location every game, on all three difficulty levels. (Except for the Uber Monsters who are only found on Hell Difficulty.)

Name Location
Griswold Act 1: Tristram. (Reached through a red portal from the Circle of Stones in the Field of Stones.)