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Radament is Undead.

Radament can be found on level three of the Act Two Sewers, directly beneath Lut Gholein. He is a quest boss, and must be killed to complete the first quest in Act Two. Characters who do so are rewarded with lower prices in town, a clue to the location of the Horadric Cube, a scroll that grants +1 skill point, and the warm happy feeling that comes from doing a good deed.

Radament is a Greater Mummy and like the rest of his kind, he's capable of resurrecting any fallen Undead monsters near him. Since he always spawns with at least a dozen skeletons nearby, this talent is one every character gets to know well during the battle.

  • All values are listed by difficulty level: Normal / Nightmare / Hell.


  • The TC/Rune drops listed are the highest Treasure Class/Rune Group a normal monster of that type can drop.
    • Champions and Bosses can sometimes drop from the next higher TC.
    • The max TC/Rune possible depends on which level a monster spawns in, and can vary slightly from the listed values (monsters that spawn in later levels can drop higher level items). See the item calculators to ascertain precisely what a monster from a given area can drop.
NameLevelExperienceHit PointsSpeedMax TC/Rune
19 / 52 / 86
446 / 19485 / 152,702
278 / 4840 / 29760
2-327/Ral, 51/Lem, 75/Ber


Radament is always Extra Fast. He gains 1 random modifier on Nightmare and 2 on Hell.

Radament's melee attack deals physical damage with a 25% chance of adding gigantic poison damage. Poisoned minions will die in seconds or require a belt-draining rejuvenation potion I.V. Poisoned players usually have to race back to town for a heal/cure. His poison breath is hardly worth noticing, in comparison.

  • Unlike the common Greater Mummy, Radament does not fire Unholy Bolt projectiles.
  • His number of minions is an irrelevant figure, since he always spawns with at least a dozen other skeletons of various types in the vicinity.
NameMelee AttackAttack RatingPoison BreathMinions
RadamentPhysical + (25%) Poison:
9-20 + 1838-2763 over 80s (23-34.5/sec)
43-64 + 6047-9070 over 80s (75.6-113.4/sec)
13781-20672 over 80s (172.3-258.4/sec)


28 over 16s (1.8/sec)
75 over 16s (4.7/sec)
138 over 16s (8.6/sec)
3 / 4 / 6


Like all SuperUniques, Radament does not regenerate hit points.

  • Drain Effectiveness tells what % of a character's mana and life steal apply to that monster. 100 is all, 0 is none.
  • Chill Effectiveness tells what % of a character's cold length applies to the monster. 100 is all, 0 is no freeze/chill at all.
NameDefenseBlockingRegen RateDrain EffectivenessChill Effectiveness


60 / 820 / 1939
100 / 75 / 50
50 / 40 / 33


  • Resistances over 99% are listed as immunities and monsters will take no damage from that type of attack.
  • Immunities can be "broken" by skills that lower resistance, if the value drops below 99%. See the Resistances page for more details.


0% / 0% / 50%0% / 0% / 0%40% / 60% / 60%0% / 0% / 0%50% / 60% / 80%0% / 0% / 0%


All SuperUniques (except for Uber Diablo) are found in roughly the same location every game, on all three difficulty levels. (Except for the Uber Monsters who are only found on Hell Difficulty.)

RadamentAct 2: Sewers, level 3. (At the end of one passageway, guarding the golden chest.)


We live again!
(Evil Laughter).