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Izual is an Animal and a SuperUnique. He is also an NPC, and delivers a speech after his defeat. See the Izual NPC page for more details.

Izual is found randomly placed somewhere in the Plains of Despair, the second surface area in Act Four. Izual is a quest boss; he must be killed to complete the TheFallen Angel quest, and since the reward for doing so is two skill points from Tyrael, this is a quest that no character passes up.

Izual AKA Izzy, isn't dangerous, but he can be quite tedious, with more hit point than any sub-Act Boss monster, and relatively high resistances to go with it. He's even got cold attacks with a very long chill duration, to further slow the killing speed of most characters. When Izual dies (just like Shenk the Overseer in Act Five) all the other monsters within a screen or two die as well, so it can be worth it to whittle Izual down to a sliver, then lead him to a crowded area (or lead crowds to him) before delivering the coupe de grace and killing dozens of monsters at once. There's no experience bonus from this sort of crowd kill, and the drops from the slain monsters do not check to you character's gold/magic find, so it's just a fun little trick, rather than a source of any real profit.

  • All values are listed by difficulty level: Normal / Nightmare / Hell.


  • The TC/Rune drops listed are the highest Treasure Class/Rune Group a normal monster of that type can drop.
    • Champions and Bosses can sometimes drop from the next higher TC.
    • The max TC/Rune possible depends on which level a monster spawns in, and can vary slightly from the listed values (monsters that spawn in later levels can drop higher level items). See the item calculators to ascertain precisely what a monster from a given area can drop.
NameLevelExperienceHit PointsSpeedMax TC/Rune
Izual29 / 60 / 8622761 / 237,724 / 1,044,24711946 / 41811 / 573651036/Sol, 57/Um, 78/Cham


Izual's stats are all preset. He does not get any random Monster Modifiers.

NameMelee AttackAttack RatingFrost Nova
IzualPhysical + Cold:
24-45 + 7-15 (2s)
58-78 + 24-39 (3s)
117-156 + 49-78 (4s)

Cold Damage:
16-21 (15s)
25-32 (18s)
37-46 (22s)


Like all SuperUniques, Izual does not regenerate hit points.

  • Drain Effectiveness tells what % of a character's mana and life steal apply to that monster. 100 is all, 0 is none.
  • Chill Effectiveness tells what % of a character's cold length applies to the monster. 100 is all, 0 is no freeze/chill at all.
NameDefenseBlockingRegen RateDrain EffectivenessChill Effectiveness


146 / 979 / 2002
100 / 75 / 50
50 / 40 / 33


  • Resistances over 99% are listed as immunities and monsters will take no damage from that type of attack.
  • Immunities can be "broken" by skills that lower resistance, if the value drops below 99%. See the Resistances page for more details.


30% / 30% / 30%30% / 30% / 30%75% / 75% / 75%30% / 30% / 30%30% / 30% / 30%30% / 30% / 30%


All SuperUniques (except for Uber Diablo) are found in roughly the same location every game, on all three difficulty levels. (Except for the Uber Monsters who are only found on Hell Difficulty.)

IzualAct 4: Plains of Despair


Save yourself!
Leave me!
You cannot help me!


"The greatest of these heroes was Izual, lieutenant to the Arch-Angel Tyrael and bearer of the Angelic Runeblade Azurewrath. He once led a fierce attack upon the Hellforge as the creation of the dark demonblade Shadowfang was nearing completion. His quest was to destroy both wielder and weapon- a charge that he was destined never to complete. Izual was overcome by the legions of chaos and, tragically, was lost to the Darkness. His fate stands as testament to the fact that Angels and Demons alike shall fearlessly enter into any domain - so long as their hated enemies dwell within."
-Diablo 1 Manual

Most histories of the Great Conflict like the above describe Izual as a misguided martyr-hero. Even Tyrael always believed his most trusted Lieutenant was a brave fool. However, it is revealed in Act IV of Diablo II that Izual did not succumb to hubris, but rather joined with the Prime Evils in plotting their own exile on Sanctuary - Dark Exile.

In his speech during Act IV, Izual said that their plan could "not be stopped by any mortal agency", and since the player fails to stop Baal corrupting the Worldstone later it is not certain whether that plan was foiled. However, it was clear from his twisted appearance and the fact he had lost the angelic blade Azurewrath that not everything had gone well even before Izual's death, so his speech could have been bravado.