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NPCs are Non-Player Characters. These individuals are found in the towns (and sometimes outside of them) of Diablo II, waiting around to interact with heroes. NPCs are usually eager to talk and full of useful information about the area they're found in or the other NPCs in their town. NPCs are also the chief source of Quests and quest rewards, and the various NPC merchants are essential resources for any character who wishes to equip herself properly to join battle against the forces of evil.

This page contains a quick listing of all the NPCs in the game. Click on each NPC's personal page for much more information about them, a listing of the quests and quest rewards they are involved in, story and plot information related to them, and transcripts of their speeches.

Act One NPCs

  • Akara -- This rogue priestess heals and cures characters. She also sells potions and other magical items, and gives out a couple of quests and quest rewards.
  • Charsi -- This rogue blacksmith is a useful merchant, offering repairs as well as buying and selling weapons and armor. She gives one quest and reward.
  • Chickens -- These NPC entrees are found pecking and scratching all throughout the Rogue Encampment. They run a few feet, flapping and squawking, when characters walk over them, and this behavior can be used to herd them out into the wilderness, strictly for your own amusement.
  • Deckard Cain -- This talkative old sage is full of quest information. He must be rescued in an early quest, and thereafter will provide identification of items.
  • Flavie -- This Rogue NPC is found out in the wilderness, at the border between the Blood Moor and Cold Plains. She warns of greater dangers ahead and fires ineffectual arrows at nearby monsters.
  • Gheed -- A merchant who is full of snippy comments, Gheed sells weapons and armor, and offers an item gambling service.
  • Kashya -- The Rogue Mercenary Captain, Kashya is militant and fierce. She gives out one quest and quest reward, and will hire or resurrect mercenaries.
  • Rogue NPC -- These women look identical to rogue mercenaries, and stand around town acting as guards, while never actually killing anything. Flavie is one of their number.
  • Warriv -- This dour individual is the caravan leader who conveys characters to Act Two, once they've defeated Andariel and cleared the passage east.

Act Two NPCs

  • Atma -- This grieving woman runs the tavern in town, while pining for vengeance against Radament, a demon responsible for the deaths of her husband and son. She provides healing and depressing conversation.
  • Deckard Cain -- Cain appears in every act, and here as in Act One, he's full of windy stories, a tendency only partially compensated for by his ability to identify magical items.
  • Drognan -- This aged wizard gives quest advice while selling magical weapons, scrolls, tomes, and healing/mana potions.
  • Elzix -- An innkeeper whose profession is entirely irrelevant to the never-sleeping heroes of Diablo II. He also sells weapons and armor, and provides the gambling outlet in Lut Gholein.
  • Fara -- The blacksmith of Act Two, Fara keeps a post near the Stash and Cain, making her a very popular shopping/selling destination. She also offers healing, as well as selling armor, weapons, bolts, and arrows.
  • Geglash -- A drunken windbag, Geglash can be found in the tavern (of course) where he dispenses self-congratulatory quest advice.
  • Greiz -- This NPC hires and resurrects mercenaries in Lut Gholein. He is not much on quest advice, and does not give out any quests or provide any rewards.
  • Jerhyn -- The ruler of Lut Gholein, Jerhyn provides a detailed introduction to newcomers, then retreats to his Palace, where he remains for the duration of the Act. He gives out one quest, and must be spoken to after defeating Duriel before characters may leave the act via Meshif's boat.
  • Kaelan -- This two-footed Diablo II trivia question is the guard who stands beside the Palace entrance, barring entrance to all until the Arcane Sanctuary quest has been activated.
  • Lysander -- This cantankerous old alchemist sells potions of all types, including the explosive ones. He is hard of hearing and provides some amusing quest dialogues.
  • Meshif -- The ship's captain, he serves no purpose in Act Two save for waiting patiently to sail your character to Act Three, once the demons have been defeated and Jerhyn has given the okay.
  • Tyrael -- The Archangel Tyrael is found in Tal Rasha's tomb, where he failed to prevent the Diablo/The Dark Wanderer from freeing Baal/Tal Rasha from his centuries of bondage.
  • Warriv -- The caravan master remains in Act Two while your character explores the desert. Warriv will take your character back across the desert to Act One, should you so desire.

Act Three NPCs

  • Alkor -- The potion dealer and gambling NPC, he also gives out a few quests and quest rewards from his shack at the northern edge of town.
  • Asheara -- This muscular, bikini-wearing, snake-handling female is the rough and tumble leader of the Iron Wolves mercenaries. She hires them out, resurrects dead mercs, and also sells weapons, armor, bows/xbows, and bolts/arrows.
  • Deckard Cain -- More of the same from Cain in Act Three. Identification of items, rambling stories, and unwanted advice.
  • Hratli - He welcomes new characters to Act Three, then returns to his forge, where he sells armor, weapons, bolts/arrows, and keys. He also handles repairs.
  • Meshif -- The ship captain sails characters across the ocean from Lut Gholein, then remains at the Kurast Docks where he assists in an early quest.
  • Natalya -- An assassin NPC, Natalya was an easter egg in D2 and remains in D2X for her sparkling conversation.
  • Ormus -- This mad poet of a sorcerer sells a few types of armor, but specializes in magical weapons such as staves, wands, and scepters. He also sells books/scrolls, and healing/mana potions.
  • The Dark Wanderer -- This mysterious figure can be briefly seen just outside the town gate, the first time a character leaves town.

Act Four NPCs

  • Deckard Cain -- Still standing around in town, still identifying items and dispensing advice and quests.
  • Halbu -- One of the two non-speaking NPCs in Act Four, Halbu sells weapons, armor, bolts, and arrows, and makes repairs as needed.
  • Jamella -- Sells a few types of armor, but specializes in magical weapons including staves, wands, and scepters, along with potions, tomes, and scrolls. She also handles gambling needs.
  • Tyrael -- The archangel makes another appearance, this time standing around in town where he dispenses quests and even a quest reward.
  • Hadriel -- This angel guards the way into the Chaos Sanctuary and wishes players good luck on their way to the final battle with Diablo.
  • Izual -- This fallen angel is first a monster, then a chatty source of plot information.

Act Five NPCs

  • Anya -- An NPC you must rescue from the dungeons before you can trade with, Anya sells a few types of armor and weapons, including Assassin claws and throwing weapons, along with keys and arrows/bolts. She handles the gambling duties once she returns and Nihlathak leaves.
  • Deckard Cain -- Cain is at his most useless in Act Five, providing little information of note and standing way over in the center of town, away from the stash and the NPCs nearest the waypoint and town portal area.
  • Larzuk -- The blacksmith of Harrogath, Larzuk sells armor, weapons, bolts/arrows, and makes repairs. His high quality weapon selection and location near the waypoint makes him a popular shopping choice.
  • Malah -- This kindly old woman is the healer and magical trinket vendor. She sells potions, keys, scrolls, and tomes, along with throwing weapons and magic-user weapons such as staves, wands, and scepters.
  • Nihlathak -- A grouchy Barbarian elder, Nihlathak sells nothing, but he will buy items and provides gambling until he vanishes from town shortly before the completion of the third quest.
  • Qual-Kehk -- The general of the Barbarian armies is not a merchant, but he hires and resurrects mercenaries and gives out a quest and quest reward.
  • The Ancients -- Protectors of the entrance to sacred Mount Arreat, they will not let you pass without proving your worth, and pack in a long speech before and after their quest.
  • Barbarian NPCs -- These loinclothed fellows can be seen here and there in Harrogath, recuperating from their injuries or cooking dinner. Quite a few of them can be found battling monsters on the three surface areas of the act, where their valor considerably outstrips their ability.
  • Bunnies -- The adorable, white, and furry fauna of Act Five, these creatures are seen hopping about the surface areas of the acts, where they fight only slightly less effectively than the Barbarian NPCs.
  • The Bunny Roaster -- This special Barbarian NPC is busy plying his trade in the city, where dinner is always cooking, but never served.
  • Tyrael -- The archangel makes an appearance at the very end of the act, bearing bad news (for you) and a glowing sword (not for you).