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The Defiler

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The Defiler quest send you to defeat the insectoid Defiler located on the fourth level of the Hive, the first area added in Hellfire.

The Defiler

  • Quest Name: The Defiler
  • Triggered By: Entering the Hive.
  • Frequency: Every game in Hellfire.
  • Given by: Entering the Hive
  • Location: Hive level 4
  • Reward: Cathedral Map

This quest is automatically activated when you enter the Hive. Your objective is to defeat the screeching, insecticidal Defiler, the boss of the hive, located on its fourth level. Make you way through the four levels of the Hive (a location where the Warp skill truly comes in handy), and search the fourth level for the Defiler. When killed it drops the Cathedral Map (and only the Cathedral Map).

Strategy Tips

The Defiler is not very difficult to kill, and the Hive is fairly annoying to clear out, so most players just teleport around until they find the Defiler, kill it quickly, grab the map, and portal out. The Defiler is easy to find since if you land on the same screen it starts its screeching "Come closer morsel..." monologue, a speech it almost never gets to finish. (This illustrates a key aspect of choosing your own famous last words; make sure they're short enough that you can get them out before you're dead!)

Quest Dialogues


The Defiler

We have long lain dormant, and the time to awaken has come. After our long sleep, we are filled with great hunger. Soon, now, we shall feed...


The Defiler

When reaching level 3 of the Hive
These lands shall be defiled, and our brood shall overrun the fields than men call home. Our tendrils shall envelop this world, and we will feast on the flesh of its denizens. Man shall become our chattel and sustenance.
When The Defiler sees you
Come closer, morsel. I smell your terror, and I hunger.


Player (when picking up the Cathedral Map)

Mmm hmmm.