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The Defiler is a Demon.

This monster is found on level 4 of the Hive, and must be killed to obtain the Cathedral Map, an item required to gain access to the Crypt level and the object of the Grave Matters quest. Killing the Defiler also shuts up that maddening squealing monologue that plays when you enter levels in the Hive.

The Defiler is purely a melee fighter, and while it has a fairly quick stabbing attack and good hit recover, it's quite lacking on hit points and is usually dead before it can get too many hits in.


  • Stats are listed by Normal / Nightmare / Hell difficulty levels.
  • MFL: Magic / Fire / Lightning.
    • I = Immune
    • R = Resistant (75%)
    • - = no resistance or immunity to that element
      • No monsters in Diablo or Hellfire have any physical resistance or immunity.
  • Dlvl = Dungeon Level. The boss will be found on this level only if the base monster type spawns on that level.
  • Mob = Some bosses spawn with a mob. The number of minions in the mob generally increases with difficulty level. Minions have the same stats as normal monsters of their type.
  • IntF = Intelligence Factor. Values are from 0-3; smarter monsters will pursue more doggedly, and the value is used in various calculations. Monsters that can Follow if you break the line of sight or open Doors are marked with F and D.
  • Attack Type: Some bosses have different AI, and behave like monsters of another type. More information on attack types can be found on the Diablo Monsters page.


DLvlMobIntFMlvl (combat)Mlvl (items)MFLAttack Type
The DefilerHive 4No3 - F40 / 55 / 7030 / 30 / 30*RRI / RRI / RIISkeleton
  • * A meaningless value, since the Defiler only drops the Cathedral Map.

Combat Stats


ExperienceHPs (SP Hellfire)HPs (MP Hellfire)ACTo/HitDamage
The Defiler5000 / 12,000 / 24,000120 / 410 / 580240 / 820 / 116070 / 130 / 160125 / 175 / 20520-30 / 44-64 / 86-126

Movement Speed

Characters walk at 0.4 speed. See the Diablo Characters page for swing speeds, casting speeds, and other useful character speed break points.


Walk timeHit Recovery TimeAttack TimeHit Time
The Defiler0.400.300.70 / 0.600.40 / 0.40