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Biclops are Demons.

These cleverly-named monsters are giants with two heads, each with just one eye, cyclops style. They don't argue with each other, like the two-headed ogres in Warcraft II, but they do emit two different-sounding cries when they are hit or while attacking. They also possess one of the better death animations in Hellfire; throwing their arms out straight, reeling in a circle, and falling onto their backs as their huge axes fall down and stick into their own chests.

  • There are no SuperUnique or boss Biclops in Hellfire.


  • Stats are listed by Normal / Nightmare / Hell difficulty levels.
  • MFL: Magic / Fire / Lightning.
    • I = Immune
    • R = Resistant (75%)
    • - = no resistance or immunity to that element
      • No monsters in Diablo or Hellfire have any physical resistance or immunity.
  • IntF = Intelligence Factor. Values are from 0-3; smarter monsters will pursue more doggedly, and the value is used in various calculations. Monsters that can Follow if you break the line of sight or open Doors are marked with F and D.


Dungeon Level Monster Level IntF Experience MFL
Biclops Crypt: 3-4 30 / 45 / 60 3 D - 4000 / 10,000 / 20,000 --R / --R / -RR

Combat Stats


Hit Points (HF, SP) Hit Points (HF, MP) AC To/Hit Damage
Biclops 100-120 / 350-410 / 500-580 200-240 / 700-820 / 1000-1160 80 / 130 / 160 90 / 175 / 210 40-50 / 84-104 / 166-206

Movement Speed

Characters walk at 0.4 speed. See the Diablo Characters page other swing speeds, casting speeds, and other useful character speed break points.


Walk time Hit Recovery Time Attack Time Hit Time
Biclops 0.55 0.30 0.80 0.40