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D1 Shields

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Heavier shields do not slow your character movement or have any such weight effects as they do in Diablo 2. The in-game graphic of your shield is determined by your body armor; not by the shield you are using.

ImageTypeArmor ClassDurabilityRequirementsPriceqlvl
D1-s-buckler.gifBuckler1 -516--301
D1-s-small-shield.gifSmall Shield3 - 82425 Str905
D1-s-large-shield.gifLarge Shield5 - 103240 Str2009
D1-s-kite-shield.gifKite Shield8 - 154050 Str40014
D1-s-tower-shield.gifTower Shield12 - 205060 Str85020
D1-s-gothic-shield.gifGothic Shield14 - 186080 Str2,30023