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Lashworms are Animals.

These melee fighters are twisted of form and limb to the point that they defy easy description. Walking intestines with bug legs? Whatever they look like, they want to kill you, but have little success at that owing to their slow speed and weak attack.

  • There are no SuperUnique or boss Lashworms in Hellfire.


  • Stats are listed by Normal / Nightmare / Hell difficulty levels.
  • MFL: Magic / Fire / Lightning.
    • I = Immune
    • R = Resistant (75%)
    • - = no resistance or immunity to that element
      • No monsters in Diablo or Hellfire have any physical resistance or immunity.
  • IntF = Intelligence Factor. Values are from 0-3; smarter monsters will pursue more doggedly, and the value is used in various calculations. Monsters that can Follow if you break the line of sight or open Doors are marked with F and D. 


Dungeon LevelMonster LevelIntFExperienceMFL
LashwormHive: 3-420 / 35 / 503600 / 3200 / 6400--- / --- / -R-

Combat Stats

Lashworm have set hit points per difficulty level, without any variability between them.


Hit Points (SP)Hit Points (MP)ACTo/HitDamage
Lashworm15 / 95 / 16030 / 190 / 32050 / 100 / 13090 / 170 / 21012-20 / 28-44 / 54-86

Movement Speed

Characters walk at 0.4 speed. See the Diablo Characters page to reference swing speeds, casting speeds, and other useful character speed break points.

  • Lashworms have one of the slowest walks and attack speeds in the game. Ironically, they recover from hits too quickly to be stunlocked, and pause hardly at all between attacks; it just takes them forever to get there and launch the first strike.


Walk timeHit Recovery TimeAttack TimeHit Time