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Torchants are fast-crawling, upright, reptilian things with big eyes. They look creepy and are among the more dangerous monsters in the Hive, thanks to their Fireball spitting attack. Unlike Advocates, they crawl around and will follow you around corners. This makes them somewhat easier to kill, but more difficult to run from, and a pack of Torchants can emit quite a flurry of Fireballs as they pursue your character through the Hive.

  • There are no Torchant Superuniques or Bosses in Hellfire.


  • Stats are listed by Normal / Nightmare / Hell difficulty levels.
  • MFL: Magic / Fire / Lightning.
    • I = Immune
    • R = Resistant (75%)
    • - = no resistance or immunity to that element
      • No monsters in Diablo or Hellfire have any physical resistance or immunity.
  • IntF = Intelligence Factor. Values are from 0-3; smarter monsters will pursue more doggedly, and the value is used in various calculations. Monsters that can Follow if you break the line of sight or open Doors are marked with F and D.


Dungeon Level Monster Level IntF Experience MFL
Torchant Hive 3-4 22 / 37 / 52 3 600 / 3200 / 6400 -I- / -I- / RIR

Combat Stats

Torchants spit Fireballs. The damage is fire damage, and can be resisted.


Hit Points (HF, SP) Hit Points (HF, MP) AC To/Hit Damage
Torchant 30-40 / 140-170 / 220-260 60-80 / 280-340 / 440-520 70 / 120 / 150 75 / 160 / 195 20-30 / 44-64 / 86-126

Movement Speed

Characters walk at 0.4 speed. See the Diablo Characters page other swing speeds, casting speeds, and other useful character speed break points.


Walk time Hit Recovery Time Attack Time Hit Time
Stinger 0.60 0.30 0.60 0.40