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D1 Body Armor

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Basic body armor stats for Diablo and Hellfire.

Body Armor

Armor can be divided into three types, light, medium, and plate. All armors of each type look the same on your character, but changing between the types will give your character a new look. Changing your helm or shield does not affect your character's look; just the body armor. Armor types are purely cosmetic in Diablo/Hellfire; they do not slow your movement speed or cause greater stamina drain or any of the added weight penalties you see in Diablo 2.

  • Light Armor: Rags, cape, cloak, robe, quilted armor, leather armor, hard leather armor, studded leather armor.
  • Medium Armor: Ring mail, chain mail, scale mail, splint mail.
  • Heavy/Plate Armor: Breast Plate, Plate Mail, Field Plate, Gothic Plate, Full Plate Mail.
ImageTypeArmor ClassDurabilityRequirementsPriceqlvl
D1-a-cape.gifCape1 - 512--101
D1-a-rags.gifRags2 - 66--51
D1-a-cloak.gifCloak3 - 718--402
D1-a-robe.gifRobe4 - 724--753
D1-a-quilted-armor.gifQuilted Armor7 - 1030--2004
D1-a-leather-armor.gifLeather Armor10 - 1335--3006
D1-a-hard-leather-armor.gifHard Leather Armor11- 1440--4507
D1-a-studded-leather-armor.gifStudded Leather Armor15 - 174520 Str7009
D1-a-ringmail.gifRing Mail17 - 205025 Str90011
D1-a-chain-mail.gifChain Mail18 - 225530 Str1,25013
D1-a-scale-mail.gifScale Mail23 - 286035 Str2,30015
D1-a-breastplate.gifBreast Plate20 - 248040 Str2,80016
D1-a-splintmail.gifSplint Mail30 - 356540 Str3,25017
D1-a-fieldplate.gifPlate Mail42 - 507560 Str4,60019
D1-a-fieldplate.gifField Plate40 - 458065 Str5,80021
D1-a-gothic-plate.gifGothic Plate50 - 6010080 Str8,00023
D1-a-full-plate-mail.gifFull Plate Mail60 - 759090 Str6,50025