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Ogden's Sign

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Ogden's Sign is a quest you'll generally discover in the dungeon. If this quest is included in the player's game, then Snotspill, along with his minions who are hidden behind a wall, will spawn in a room which blocks the stairs down to Level 5, the Catacombs.
It is presumed that Snotspill and his minions stole Ogden's Sign one night and retreated into the labyrinth shortly before the start of the game and somewhere along the way lost it to "big uglies". Snotspill will ask the player to retrieve the "magic banner" from the "big uglies", which turn out to be a pack of Overlords in an adjacent room, under the treat of an attack. Snotspill seems to believe that the sign possesses magical qualities.
Once you have done so, you have a choice not available on other quests in the game. You can return the sign to the NPC Ogden for a unique hat reward, or give it to Snotspill, for a different sort of "reward."

Ogden's Sign

  • Quest Name: Ogden's Sign
  • Triggered By: Speaking to Ogden after reaching the third level of the dungeon.
  • Frequency: Single player only. This quest occurs 2/3 of the time.
  • Given by: Ogden.
  • Location: The sign is found in a chest guarded by several Overlords in the central square of rooms on dungeon level 4.
  • Reward: Harlequin's Crest from Ogden. Ambush and attempted murder from Snotspill.

This quest begins when Ogden speaks of small monsters stealing the sign from in front of his inn. He asks you to investigate the matter. On level 4 of the dungeon, you will find a square complex of rooms, with several Overlords and a locked chest on the left, and a single Dark One named Snotspill on the right, with the stairs to descend to level 4 behind a wall next to him. Snotspill speaks when clicked on, and demands that you return his "magic banner" from the "big uglies." He promises to reward you and to let you pass through the dungeon if you bring it to him, and brags that once he has it his kind will be strong and able to "kill all!" After speaking to Snotspill you will be able to open the chest by the Overlords, (you can kill them beforehand, or after you speak to Snotspill) and will find the sign from Ogden's Inn within it.


Harlequin Crest Cap
+2 all Attributes
Armor Class: -3
-1 Damage from Enemies
+7 Hitpoints
+7 Mana
Durability: 15


(This has nothing to do with the quest, but the sign is probably the most fun thing in the game to pick up and drop, either on the ground or in the inventory. It falls very quickly, and makes an addictive "zzzzot" sort of sound when dropped.)

Once you have the sign you can give it to Snotspill, or return it to Ogden in town. Snotspill will take it, laugh madly, then "forget" about your prize and attack you, while 20 more of his kind spill out from behind a wall to join the ambush.

If you instead return the sign to Ogden, he will reward you with the Harlequin Crest unique hat, and when you head back down to the dungeon with your ears newly-warmed, Snotspill will attack you on sight. The wall behind him is open now though, and you can run for it and head down to level 5, or slaughter Snotspill and his minions.

Strategy Tips

It's a lot of fun to hear Snotspill's crazy dialogue and then to see the ambush sprung, but strategically, it's best to return the sign to Ogden. You don't need to, but the Harlequin Crest is a good item for the level, and even if you don't want to wear it you can sell it for a decent price. You get a random magical item for killing Snotspill in either case.

As for Snotspill, he and his minions are great in number but like all Fallen they run when one of their kind goes down, and they're each quite weak. If you can simply target one at a time and kill it, you'll never have more than a few of them hitting you at once, and shouldn't be in too much danger. If necessary, you can beat a hasty retreat to the doorway and take them on one at a time, just as you would do with monsters who were an actual threat.

Most players find the Overlords near the locked chest to be a greater challenge than Snotspill and his fellows, but they walk so slowly that it's not too hard to beat them over time, even if you have to walk in circles around the square as you engage in a fighting retreat.

Snotspill blocks your way to the catacombs.

Quest Dialogues



Master, I have a strange experience to relate. I know that you have a great knowledge of those monstrosities that inhabit the labyrinth, and this is something that I cannot understand for the very life of me... I was awakened during the night by a scraping sound just outside of my tavern. When I looked out from my bedroom, I saw the shapes of small demon-like creatures in the inn yard. After a short time, they ran off, but not before stealing the sign to my inn. I don't know why the demons would steal my sign but leave my family in peace... 'tis strange, no?



No mortal can truly understand the mind of the demon.
Never let their erratic actions confuse you, as that too may be their plan.


I see that this strange behavior puzzles you as well. I would surmise that since many demons fear the light of the sun and believe that it holds great power, it may be that the rising sun depicted on the sign you speak of has led them to believe that it too holds some arcane powers. Hmm, perhaps they are not all as smart as we had feared...


You know what I think? Somebody took that sign, and they gonna want lots of money for it. If I was Ogden... and I'm not, but if I was... I'd just buy a new sign with some pretty drawing on it. Maybe a nice mug of ale or a piece of cheese...


Oh my! Is that where the sign went? My Grandmother and I must have slept right through the whole thing. Thank the Light that those monsters didn't attack the inn.


Demons stole Ogden's sign, you say? That doesn't sound much like the atrocities I've heard of - or seen.
Demons are concerned with ripping out your heart, not your signpost.


My goodness, demons running about the village at night, pillaging our homes - is nothing sacred? I hope that Ogden and Garda are all right. I suppose that they would come to see me if they were hurt...


What - is he saying I took that? I suppose that Griswold is on his side, too.
Look, I got over simple sign stealing months ago. You can't turn a profit on a piece of wood.


Player (interacting with chest before speaking to Snotspill)

I can't open this, yet.


First encounter
Hey - You that one that kill all! You get me Magic Banner or we attack! You no leave with life! You kill big uglies and give back Magic. Go past corner and door, find uglies. You give, you go!
You kill uglies, get banner. You bring to me, or else...
Return (with sign)
You give! Yes, good! Go now, we strong. We kill all with big Magic!



Oh, you didn't have to bring back my sign, but I suppose that it does save me the expense of having another one made. Well, let me see, what could I give you as a fee for finding it? Hmmm, what have we here... ah, yes! This cap was left in one of the rooms by a magician who stayed here some time ago. Perhaps it may be of some value to you.