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Jamella is one of the two human NPC merchants found in the Pandemonium Fortress. Like her counterpart Halbu, she speaks very little, never offering advice or opinions on any quests. Jamella's only words are spoken, and selected from a variety of short phrases. She offers one each time a particular character returns to town.


Good to see you.
Good to see you again.
Hail to you, champion.
Thank you.
Welcome, avenger.
What can I do for you?
What do you need?

Despite her near-silence, Jamella is a very useful NPC. She sells a few types of armor, while specializing in bows and magic-user weapons; staves, wands, and scepters. She also deals in potions of all types, and scrolls/tomes. Jamella is also the gambling NPC in Act Four, and the healer as well.

Jamella has an interesting at-rest animation. She reads from a book, concentrates for a moment, then sketches a glowing runic word in the air. Millions of Diablo fans have spent countless hours trying to decipher those letters, but the official word from Blizzard was that they don't spell anything. They're just some symbols one of the artists animated for Jamella; they aren't legible letters in English or any other language.