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Elzix is an innkeeper, a completely pointless profession to heroes in Diablo II, since none of them ever sleep. Also unlike playable characters, evidence of previous hardships are visible on his body; the most obvious being his left foot. He jokes frequently about his injuries. Elzix also provides a gambling service, and is a merchant NPC, selling weapons and armor of all types, though his wares are more similar to the items found at Charsi's store than Fara's.


Come again.
Good day.
Good evening.
Good morning.
Hi, there.
How do you like desert life?
Look what crawled out of the desert.
I need your help.
Welcome to the Desert Rain.
What'cha need?
What's your pleasure?



Hmm... You look like a sturdy adventurer.
You know, I used to be quite the scoundrel in my day. I led the fiercest group of bandits who ever terrorized these sands!
Nowadays, I run this here Inn and pretty much stay out of trouble.
My days of adventuring are behind me.

Necromancer only

Ah... You must be one of the new heroes who've come to rid our city of evil. Under any other circumstances, I'd be surprised to see one of your kind in the city. But lately... Oh, never mind all that...
You know, I used to be quite the scoundrel in my day. I led the fiercest group of bandits who ever terrorized these sands!
Nowadays, I run this here Inn and pretty much stay out of trouble.
My days of adventuring are behind me.

Radament's Lair

After Activation

I hear that the creature kills his victims in order to hack off their limbs! I guess that makes me a less likely candidate, eh?


If you're going to fight that thing, use some common sense. Be knowledgeable about what harms the undead. Poison, for instance, will have little effect.


We ran into one of those old tomb guardians when I ran with my bandits. I know they aren't easy foes to face, so you sure have my respect. Have you told Atma yet?

Tainted Sun

After Activation

Two men arrived late last night bearing a story about evil magic. They said they saw a gathering of giant snake creatures performing some arcane ritual. They sound like the Serpent Men of the desert.


I usually charge for rooms by the night.
But I may have to soon change that.


Ahh... It takes but one eye to revel in the beauty of our restored sun.

Arcane Sanctuary

After Activation

An 'Arcane Sanctuary' under the palace? I'd heard that there were some underground cellar levels that Jerhyn used as chambers for his treasure and such, but no Arcane Sanctuary.


I understand that you've been talking to Jerhyn. Well, if so, then you're the first in a long while... since the trouble began, actually.
Do us a favor and try to find out what's got Jerhyn so edgy all the time. OK?


News of the tragedy in the palace is spreading fast. How awful! And to think, this whole time I thought Jerhyn and his guards were in there playing with the harem girls.

The Summoner

After Activation

Ugh... Crazy mages give me the creeps.
Just kill him and get on with your business.


You make me long for the days of glory. When I had both hands, both eyes and more of a foot...

The Seven Tombs

After Activation

So... You're going to search for the Seven Tombs, huh? Don't you know that they're just desert legends passed between merchants and travelers? No one really believes that they exist.


I heard that Diablo has managed to best you, at least for the time being. I hope you catch up with him soon, and send him back to Hell for good!



There are many ancient tombs in the desert. Most of them are already plundered, but I imagine that some have remained hidden.
I miss the brothels that used to do business here.
You know, all of the ladies fled to the palace as soon as the trouble in the desert started. You'd think that they could at least come out once in a while now that Greiz and his men have things relatively under control.

About Atma

Atma... Now, there's a fine woman. Lately, though, she's only thinking about revenge. She has reason enough...

About Drognan

What tales Drognan can tell... You would do well to listen carefully to that wizened wizard.

About Fara

Fara is a good woman. She seems very sad, but seldom speaks of her past. She's good to the poor and helps people when she can. That makes her all right in my book.

About Geglash

Geglash is a fool who would fight his own shadow if he could. Fighting's all he ever thinks about!

About Jerhyn

We've all fared well under Jerhyn's leadership. The town has remained safe throughout this whole mess; and yet the lad still seems very upset about something.

About Lysander

That Lysander's a grumpy old cuss. You'd better not disturb him while he's working on his potions, or... BOOM! You could get blasted to the moon.

About Meshif

Meshif is a wise Captain, I think. Wise enough to know silver from tin and truth from dung, that's for sure.

Necromancer only

You know, I've lost a number of body parts over the years. An eye here, a leg there...
Say, do you know any spells that'd grow them back for me? Hmm... On second thought, I'll leave well enough alone.

Gossip (about Elzix)

From Atma

Elzix and I have reached an understanding over the years. He sends travelers to me for drink and entertainment, and I send them back to him for a soft bed. The travelers often trade their wares for lodging.

From Deckard Cain

Elzix is quite a scoundrel, but I like him all the same.

From Drognan

Elzix is a sly one, I'll give him that. Of course, he never tries to cheat me. He knows what my magic skills can do.

From Greiz

Ah, Elzix is quite a character. I had a few run-ins with his band of outlaws in my younger years. Now, he's as settled as the dunes out there. The Desert Rain Inn is his pride and joy these days.

From Jerhyn

Even though he was once a bandit, I permitted Elzix to take over the Desert Rain Inn. He has been quite civilized ever since.

From Meshif

Oh, I've known Elzix for years. He always offers me a free room at his Inn when I dock here, but I prefer the comforts of my own cabin.

From Warriv

That old desert fox, Elzix, is as crafty as they come. Years back, he made off with a small fortune of my caravan's wares. I certainly never expected to see him so... domesticated.